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April 2017: Jot Down Your Exercises Done YICHE12 5 YICHE12
4/23/17 3:12 P
April 2017: Jot Down Your Exercises Done YICHE12 5 YICHE12
4/23/17 3:11 P
April 2017: Calories IN and OUT YICHE12 4 YICHE12
4/23/17 2:50 P
April 2017: Calories IN and OUT YICHE12 4 YICHE12
4/23/17 2:49 P
Is it better to break a total weight loss goal into smaller goals or just go for it all? My ultimate BAREFOOTCHELLE9 21 TSHAWGER
4/23/17 8:41 A
Hey I'm just new here, I'm needing to lose 4 stone and already after 2 days this app has really been JENTURNBULL1982 5 JENTURNBULL1982
4/22/17 3:15 P
Posted a photo YICHE12 6 REDROBIN47
4/22/17 8:08 P
Feeling pretty awesome about my progress!!! LEEANNPW85 89 MORTONDH
4/22/17 9:27 P
In order since January. The grey is current. As of this morning. Hit goal, down 36 pounds total! MRSKLAUSSNER 199 BABY_GIRL69
4/22/17 7:00 P
I'm singing the blues this morning with a good ole case of poison ivy. It's in my scalp, ears, back DGFOWLER 39 REDROBIN47
4/22/17 8:13 P
4/22/17 7:49 A
Posted a photo YICHE12 8 REDROBIN47
4/19/17 11:30 P
No I'm not advertising dog food. This weighed 30 pounds. I've been wanting to take a picture with th LCOLLINS2016 118 I8STONESOUP
4/19/17 5:59 P
I have 7 more pounds until I reach my main goal I DHUDSON1977 122 COMEBACKKID12
4/19/17 9:26 P
69lbs lost since October. Happy my hard work is showing. Still have a ways to go but I know I will g TIFFANI260554 283 MELISSASPARK727
4/19/17 10:12 P
Not a big change but it is to me , down 2 sizes ,Yay GINABLUEYEZ1 302 GRANDMATHOMPSON
4/18/17 10:04 P
Hello! My name is Emma and I'm a mother of a 3 year old. I have my baby still plus gained 30 when I CHUBBYEMI 18 CHERIRIDDELL
4/18/17 12:20 A
Today is day one of my using this particular app, and recommitting to my weight loss goal. I lost al KANDERSON225 76 KANDERSON225
4/18/17 1:54 P
Today while running errands,my daughter wanted to stop for a McDs iced coffee w/caramel....she got STARFISH1961 21 MBLACKWEL9
4/18/17 9:34 A
Well I need to lose ALOT of weight. I just found this app and hopefully with all your support I will S11740 235 CINDHOLM
4/18/17 4:57 A
this is day one of my hard road ahead wish me luck cause iam going to need it. NEWLIFE5867 305 JUDSTERF
4/18/17 9:51 P
Two weeks ago on the left and this morning on the right. I think I can see a bit of a difference!! C JINXX827 84 JACKIE72323
4/23/17 4:29 P
Posted a photo YICHE12 17 DGIGGLES3
4/16/17 5:11 P
How Do You Stay Hydrated? KALISWALKER 37 MERICANDO
4/18/17 11:50 P
Hey everyone!!! This is my first time here. MELT32 14 RSKATINGADDICT
4/12/17 5:39 A
Posted a photo NEW-CAZ 22 DEE107
4/13/17 12:23 A
I haven't exercised since beginning of march because I got really sick for a couple weeks. Its crazy DALIA500 2 YICHE12
4/11/17 12:50 A
I fell off the wagon this weekend. Any advice on how to stay on track? The in laws came over Sunday AOROZCO14 7 EVILCECIL
4/11/17 7:06 A
I just started the dukan diet today. So far so good. Its a protein diet. And yoday i ate under 600 c DENICE2383 4 DEEBREF52
4/11/17 2:12 A
4/11/17 1:12 A
Posted a photo YICHE12 6 MUSICNUT
4/11/17 1:27 A
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was basketball with my son. How about you? -- chris/sparkgu SPARKGUY 99 FOXBAY99
4/11/17 6:57 P
I have lost 115lbs and my boyfriend replaced my too big ring with this gorgeous ring :) ALI6874 91 ALI6874
4/22/17 12:11 A
Today is my first day. I am hoping to lose 120lbs by next fall. KITTSYNA 166 WOMANWITHGRIT
4/12/17 10:50 P
4/10/17 10:27 A
Do y'all see the difference in the last four weeks I'm down 13 pounds and still have some way to go ZAZABEANDER 145 FFRANKS2
4/9/17 8:59 P
4/7/17 6:22 P
Posted a photo YICHE12 7 LINDYINDA
4/8/17 11:57 A
Another week without loose even a half of poud. 😒 I am tracking my food and doing exercise. What is YACKYURIAS 32 TOUGHGIRL68
4/5/17 2:08 P
Gained 2 lbs, and feeling really down about it. Just on Sunday I was 2 lbs less and so close to a sh MIRIKAM 6 SHELLYAHNEN
4/5/17 1:05 P
How do you guys figure out what dates to set? I mean, I joined in 2014 but fluctuated so much that I THEETSYBAY 5 KRISTINALAMBERT
4/5/17 1:31 P
Are you ready to commit to this journey? YICHE12 7 JUDY1676
4/6/17 12:26 A
Happy Anniversary to My Husband, My Spouse, My Best Friend, and My Lover: Danny R. Cole! April 5, SPOKENWORD 220 DEE107
4/6/17 12:29 A
So... I have not exercise since Thursday. I have been celebrating my 50th bday all weekend. I took MIMIGEE2 99 FITWITHIN
4/4/17 8:04 P
Slow and steady losses add up :) for anyone who gets discouraged with "small losses" I encourage you JEMMSIE 212 71PAMMY
4/3/17 8:36 P
Question of the Day 4/3 ALP1976 9 DEADCENTER
4/4/17 5:30 A
April 2017: Monthly Facial Exercising Challenge YICHE12 3 BEBARB149
4/3/17 9:56 A
I've used SP with great success in the past.... I'm sad to say though I have fallen off and rolled d BATHRICB 27 D86917
4/2/17 5:46 P
My first post, I have been a member for about a month. I haven't lost anythung, bor have I been tryi ALLWAYSMAE 57 LCM797
4/2/17 5:54 P
After looking at these side by side I'm even more determined than ever. Can't wait till I hit my nex CHAIRBERRY 302 KAREN8880
4/2/17 11:14 P
Have you been in a weight loss rut? Are you ready to shed the winter doldrums and put some spring i TCDRAGON54 7 TCDRAGON54
4/2/17 11:22 A
Posted a goal WBERRY57 9 YICHE12
4/2/17 8:10 A
Eight beautiful Years on SP! YICHE12 2 YICHE12
4/1/17 6:43 A
Slow and Steady wins the race! Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I had already DIANEPOTVIN 4 JENW13
3/31/17 1:53 P
Posted a photo YICHE12 7 HAPPYSOUL91
4/1/17 9:31 A
I DID IT! Woke up this morning with depression brain.... why bother? Won't make a difference, you' 0VERITALREADY 179 CHINADOLL53
3/31/17 8:57 P
Posted a photo YICHE12 7 KAREN2LOSE55
3/30/17 9:27 P
Hey I'm new to this app. Mother of 4... 10, 8 , 3 BAYBOO1227 8 BAYBOO1227
3/30/17 6:05 A
My sweet little running buddy! KJHOGATE 23 GEORGE815
3/28/17 8:36 P
I am not a product of my circumstances. I am the product of my decisions. ~ Stephen Covey YICHE12 4 HAPPYSOUL91
3/29/17 9:52 A
I am so ready for this... YICHE12 19 REDROBIN47
3/28/17 11:09 P
Ok guys and gals I'm gonna need a lil help... I'm jumping back on the healthy eating/living wagon af 1MSNIQUE 51 SUCHADIVA215
3/29/17 11:19 P
So I just got married Sunday!! However since moving to Florida I've gained 60 pounds (my husband and FLORIDAGIRL2016 306 FLORIDAGIRL2016
3/28/17 9:23 P
Do You Believe ??????? DEADCENTER 7 LAURIEBLT
3/29/17 12:59 A
Question of the Day 3/27 ALP1976 6 KATHYS18
3/27/17 5:48 P
Question can you gain weight after an intense workout? I was within my calories all week and was un CUPKAKE137 6 MISS-WILLOW
3/27/17 10:00 A
Don't put in half of the effort unless you're okay with half of the results. YICHE12 3 REDROBIN47
3/27/17 1:56 P
Do You Believe ??????? DEADCENTER 11 KELLIEBEAN
3/26/17 2:23 P
Do You Believe ????????? DEADCENTER 9 YICHE12
3/26/17 8:27 A
Question of the Day 3/22 ALP1976 8 YICHE12
3/26/17 8:22 A
Question of the Day 3/24 ALP1976 10 YICHE12
3/26/17 8:20 A
My husband and I were talking about my goals. I decide which they are and he decides the "prize" for ERICAANN82 8 MARINEMAMA
3/26/17 6:32 A
Posted a photo YICHE12 15 GZELLEFRO
3/27/17 2:21 P
I am gaining so much weight with my stress and I am afraid I am going to go over 200lb...any ideas s AMVG85 7 NEWCLEAR1
3/25/17 9:34 A
Posted a photo YICHE12 12 LINDYINDA
3/25/17 1:26 P

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