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Incentive/Rewards Program – Quick Start Guide

Many companies have found that one of the keys to any successful wellness program is the existence of some sort of incentive/rewards program that motivates and encourages participation among employees.

Thanks to SparkPeople’s desire to SPARK the American workforce to become healthier and more productive, your company can now have a simple rewards program using SparkPoints as a platform.

To set-up an incentive/rewards program today, follow these easy steps:
  1. 1. Set up a SparkTeam for your company
  2. 2. Promote SparkPeople and your company SparkTeam to your employees. There are some free promotional materials available at:
  3. Determine what sort of incentives/rewards you’ll be able to offer your employees. Also, decide whether they will be given to all employees who hit a minimum threshold or whether you will give a finite number of rewards away and raffle them off to anyone who attains the minimum number of SparkPoints. Some examples of common rewards include:
    - Gift cards/certificates
    - iPod Raffle
    - Discount on employee paid health insurance premiums
    - Cash rewards
  4. Decide how long your challenges will be based on or how often you’ll be awarding the incentives/rewards (monthly, quarterly?).
  5. Set the minimum number of SparkPoints required to be considered for the incentive or reward (as a baseline, 500 points over a month is a challenge for most). This number may need to be adjusted from month to month based on results.
  6. 6. Use the SparkTeam Leaderboard to see who has achieved the required SparkPoints each month – this can be viewed from your SparkTeam homepage.
  7. Have those employees who reach the minimum threshold for SparkPoints achieved during the period contact your rewards/incentives administrator to claim their reward or get signed up for a raffle (depending on your prizes and structure).