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You likely will recognize SparkPeople Radio host Bettina Bush's voice from pop culture favorites like "Rainbow Brite," "My Little Pony" and "The Littles." These days, when she's not bringing SparkPeople to life, the voiceover artist and musician can be heard on commercials for major national brands, as the voice of Gloria in the "Madagascar" video games, and as the radio host and editor-at-large for Working Mother Media. Bettina has always been committed to a healthy lifestyle, but now as she and her husband raise two young children, she is even more passionate about setting a positive example by including her kids in preparing fresh, well-balanced meals and exercising regularly as a family. Inspired by her mom and retired USAF officer father, Bettina and her husband are committed to family and healthy living. Join Bettina each week for an hour of motivation, entertainment and tips to keep you healthy and happy!