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Ways to Spread the Spark: 31 Action Step Ideas

Now that you’ve achieved goal success and are living a healthier lifestyle, you have the chance to develop some leadership skills too, and to be a positive force in helping others. Here are some ideas for Action Steps you can take today to make a healthy difference in your world:

1. Start a walking club.

2. Buy healthy cookbooks for your house.

3. Get 5 friends to sign up on SparkPeople.com.

4. Volunteer to help with a 5K race.

5. Share your own before-and-after pictures with friends and family. They may be inspired!

6. Speak to a school classroom about fitness and nutrition.

7. Organize a cooking class at work.

8. Start a community garden.

9. Join the SparkPeople Community Team. Click here to learn more.

10. Host a healthy cooking dinner party for your block.

11. Write your own success story using this Success Story form. Maybe we can use it online to help others!

12. Encourage co-workers to skip fast food and vending machines at lunch for one week. Donate that money as a group instead.

13. Coach or assist a children’s sports team.

14. Take part in a Habitat for Humanity home build or another home rehab project.

15. Start a tradition of cooking as a family.

16. Plan an active vacation that includes hiking, biking, canoeing or other physical activity.

17. Help fix up a local park or playground.

18. Organize a healthy pot luck dinner at your church.

19. Volunteer at the local YMCA or community activity center.

20. Explore a local mentoring program.

21. Start a Brown Bag Lunch Club at work.

22. Form a team for a charity walk.

23. Challenge your spouse to a game of tennis.

24. Ask friends to donate seldom-used fitness equipment for charity.

25. Donate healthy food to a local food drive.

26. Petition your school to improve school lunches.

27. Trade healthy recipes on our sister site, SparkRecipes.com.

28. Talk to a loved one about his/her health and why it’s important to you that he/she stays healthy.

29. Buy a subscription to a healthy magazine as a gift for someone else.

30. Convince your employer to encourage water drinking by providing a water cooler.

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