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Diet Action Steps

Exercise in one place that you normally wouldn’t

It’s easy to fall into a dull, monotonous, boring exercise routine – the same exercises, in the same order, in the same place, every week. Human nature craves variety. Without it, we get bored, burned out or just move on to something else. Sound familiar with exercise in the past? To stay consistent with fitness, mix it up. A great way to shake things up is to try new places to get exercise.

Believe it or not, work holds many exercise possibilities. Other places (the garage, the backyard) are also overlooked as possible fitness locations. This week, pick at least one place where you haven’t exercised before and give it a whirl. Work is an ideal place to start, since we usually spend 40 hours or more there each week. Check out this article on Energy Boosts at Work. Also check out Coach Nicole's 15-Minute Desk Workout Video for more ideas of how to fit activity into your workday.

Different places around the house are another option. Does this mean you should go into the garage and bench press your lawn mower or leg press the car? Not really. Start with a portable "anywhere" exercise, such as jump rope, and bring it to a new location. You may even find items in the garage that could double as exercise equipment. The backyard is also perfect for portable exercises (squats, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups) or hidden opportunities for exercise (weeding, cutting the grass, digging holes).

There’s no reason to wait until you’re alone. Going to your weekly PTA meeting? Take a stress ball along. At the mall, take 10 minutes to walk up and down the stairs. The possibilities are endless if you look. The main point: you’re in a new environment, which gives your body and mind a little jolt. You may find that your new surroundings bring out the best in your workout routine.

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