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Diet Action Steps

In your SparkPage blog, write about a single "trouble goal"

We all have that thorn in our side, an itch we can never get rid of. We all have that one "trouble goal." As hard as we try, it always seems to come back and cause problems. Whether you have trouble eating 2 fruits and veggies per day, reducing late-night snacking, waking up without the snooze button, spending time with your spouse or significant other, exercising on the weekend, or improving your sit-up count, it can stand in your way and cause setbacks.

Itís time to make that trouble goal go away! Write about this goal in your online journal. Talk about why it happens, what problems it causes, and what you can do about it. Talking about the problem may not solve it, but it can help you gain insight that you may not have recognized before, leading to that elusive breakthrough youíve been waiting for. Addressing the problem holds several benefits. First, by expressing your feelings (whether anger, frustration, or guilt), you realize how important this goal is and what it will mean once you conquer it. Second, by writing in your journal, youíre free to discuss without outside pressures. No spouse will look at you disapprovingly, no boss will tell you what youíre doing wrong. Itís between you, your journal and your trouble goal.

As you probably know, overcoming setbacks is a continuous battle. This Action Step is not the end-all solution to setbacks, but itís a great place to start. Write in your journal every day if possible or whenever the "trouble goal" pops up, whichever suits you best. These reflections may help you stumble upon a possible solution; at the very least, they will help you open up to the problem and continually move forward against it.

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