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Fast Break Strategies

Finding The Time

Finding The Time

Your Fast Break goals are small for a reason. Small works. Small fits. Small can be rescheduled, reorganized and easily resumed. Small builds early success and tons of momentum. Something as small as substituting mustard for mayonnaise can be just the push you need to get started (it saves you 54 calories).

Hereís a quote from one of our first members: ďMany other times I've tried programs or read books on self help, only to find I was trying to see how I fit their program, not the program fitting me."

Not only should a diet fit you, it should work within the lifestyle youíre dealing with. Yes, your lifestyle is going to change as you move through the SparkDiet. But healthy change starts in bits and pieces. Light spring rain showers are life-giving and nourishing. Take that same amount of water, put it in tidal wave form, and it becomes destructive and lethal. Too much, too soon can do more harm than good.

To avoid the tidal wave, start finding ways to work new, healthy habits into your existing lifestyle. Your life is what it is. Ideal or not, thatís your dieting starting point. Youíll be a lot happier, a lot saner -- and a lot thinner -- if you work with your existing lifestyle instead of against it. Ignoring realities of your daily life just invites failure and frustration.

A frog tossed in a pot of boiling water will hop right out. Put a frog in cool water instead, and itíll stay put as the heat gets turned up. The difference is that small changes arenít even noticed. Every day, whether you think so or not, youíre faced with small opportunities to make healthy choices and build healthy habits, to make changes that you may not even notice. In front of the TV, at lunch with the boss, talking on the phone Ė the opportunities are there. You have the chance now to get good at recognizing those small windows of opportunity.

Youíll learn more about these strategies as you go through the SparkDiet, but you can practice the basics now.
  • Smart Substitutions. Did you know that a serving of mayonnaise has 100 calories, while a serving of mustard only has 11? A few of these substitutions every day and youíve got a great head start.

  • Combine Goals. Works especially well with social or family goals. See if thereís somebody who can join you for a walk, make a healthy dinner together, or start a community garden.

  • Think 10-15 Minutes. Weíre all faced with little blocks of time throughout the day that could be put to better use. See how many you can fill up with short bursts of physical activity.

  • Plan Ahead. Every program could benefit from a little forethought. The SparkDiet meal planner is just one example. Something as important as your health deserves some concentration.

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