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You Can Run a Mile Without Stopping

Reach Your Fitness Goals!


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I am not yet fit enough to start running (over 200), but one of my long term goals is to be a runner. I am absolutely going to hang on to this article for when it is ok to start running. Report
Great article! I've been working on my own for 2 weeks, I use to be a track runner, so running in natural to me... but I looked this up for my sister, who it will ohpefully help! Report
I am on week 4-Run 4 mins, walk 4 mins. I am almost at a mile!! This guide and article were so helpful! Report
Excellent. I'm seroiusly out of shape, but want to run a 10k next summer. This is a great starating point. Report
Great article. It would be nice if Sparkpeople could do a downloadable podcast to MP3 players for this - for a small fee, I'd fee I'd pay for it. I hate to keep looking down at my watch and would love to hear something in my ear telling when to walk and when to run. Report
I can't wait to try this starting tomorrow.....its bedtime now, otherwise.....I would tryit now... Report
I wish we had this article when I first started running - boy did I ever take a long time learning how to pace myself properly! Report
I printed this out and I'm going to start on it today! Report
I've always wanted to be able to run without a lot of effort! I'm just now building my endurance by getting back in shape, but I will keep this printed out in my fitness journal when I feel it's the right time to start.

Thank you to Spark for this amazing site and these types of articles that are inspiring, speak to the regular person, and give us ideas that there's nothing we can't do. Report

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