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Find Your Perfect Weight - Part 1

Setting a Healthy & Achievable Weight Loss Goal


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  • First off I have to say I really like Dean's articles AND I noticed the part about these only being approximations.They also don't take into account people's genetics,muscularity etc. And yeah it can hurt I can recall years ago having to go to a Workman Compensation Board clinic here after being hurt at work and noticing that the (rather ignorant) doctor listed me as being "obese" (yeah thanks you didn't look like you turned away from the Golden Arches EITHER fatso). This in spite of having a physically demanding job and working out at home yeah I could stand to lose a few so could a lot of us,As for the insurance height weight charts even as a skinny kid I seemed to be overweight. Go figure,
    muscle vs. fat, obviously. Please pardon the typo.
    This is just wrong. There needs to be a new way to calculate healthy weight that accounts for muscle vs. fast. I'm 5'2 and at 100 pounds, I get asked if I'm anorexic. At 110, I'm a size 0-2 and very skinny. Also, now that I'm over 40, I find such a low weight to be unsustainable. I work out six days a week (heavy weight training, HIIT, etc.), and -through right now I'm a few pounds higher than I'd like to be, I'm still a size 8. I'm a fit, athletic size 6 in the mid to high 120s, and that's what I'm shooting for.
    Just work on eating healthier and quit obsessing on these numbers.......don't let these old rules prevent you from living in the now, because you may never reach certain what you think are "perfect" numbers! Wasting years of your life because you wait for that "perfect" weight first.
  • I used to be hung up on a number but now I go by how my clothing feels. I'm under 5' so my ideal weight hovers around 112lbs.
  • I forgot to say I am a man and am 6' 1" tall.
  • I've been on CRON diet for 10 weeks and have lost 47 pounds. My goal is to lose 100. That would put me at 200 and with a large frame that is a good weight. Yes I will look skinny and much different but for the better. I'm a type II diabetic and was taking metformin and Farxiga. I haven't taken any meds in 6 weeks and my morning blood suger is in the 80's!
  • I've read through some of the comments and I agree. There is no way that I could weigh 130 lbs again in my life unless I had cancer and died. I was that weight in high school, barely ate anything and was skinny. Why dont they start taking bone structure into account? Like a wrist measurement. I have difficulty finding bracelets and watches to fit by wide bone wrists. At my skinniest weight as an adult, I wore a size 10. Never could I get any smaller and not be anorexic. I am now a 14 and maybe want to go to a 12. When we are older we look better not skinny and wrinkled.
  • Definitely a question that takes a bit of thought. According to the BMI charts, I should be between 122 and 164.
    I'm 5'8" and pear-shaped.
    Some folks have asked me my goal weight and are shocked when I say 185 and even more shocked when I show them photos of me when I was at that weight before.
    I was pretty darned comfortable then, why not? I know I definitely don't look right below 160. I'll keep evaluating as I go along. My health is good and I'm active and fit even in the 200's.
  • at 5'6" , 130 lbs is way too low for me. This is completely off base in my opinion. I have a medium to large frame, and achieving this weight would be impossible without sacrificing my health. And frankly, I am tired of hearing what a book, or study tells me I should weigh. I thought this article was to help people find "their" ideal weight.
  • I'm 5'3", and the only way I'd get to 115 would be by removing a few key internal organs. *lol* I'm a sturdy, muscly girl with PCOS and man hands, so finding my "ideal" weight is confusing. Right now I'm aiming for 150, which is still seen as too much by these standards... but I'm a rebel. Hang the standards. I never liked that wrist measurement test as I have slender wrists and ginormous man hands. Seriously, my hands are the same length as my six foot plus Marine boyfriend. My fingers are gonna overlap no matter what! Ha! Anyway, I've been down to 160 and it was nice, and I've been down to 150 with Mono and ended up looking facially gaunt... so I'm thinking 150 the right way will do me good. Once I'm there I'll see if I should go further or maintain.
  • BLONDY01
    Ok so I have been trying to decide on a realistic goal weight for a while, and this article didn't really help me that much. At 5'7", HANWI says I "should" weigh between 121-148, and my Wiifit says I should aim for 140 (BMI 22); I currently weight 235ish. I just don't think that is realistic for me. The frame thing doesn't make sense, I think I have a large frame but my fingers overlap slightly so that means I have a small frame? The lowest I've weighed since middle school was just over 150, after completing military basic training and I wasn't able to maintain that. I was happy in the 180-190 range after I had my son, so I'd like to get back to that but I'd still be considered borderline obese by BMI. My blood pressure/cholesterol/health is decent although I have PCOS. Also, my hip to waist ratio is already .80 where it should be for a lower health risk, I'm very much a pear shape.
  • I don't think these charts are entirely accurate like many posters have also said. Three years ago, I was in the best shape of my adult life at 180 pounds standing at 5"4 and lot of that was muscle. I gained that weight back and hit 248 pounds before I weighed myself and knew that I had to start doing something - or die. I'm down 17 pounds and according to this my BMI is still in the high 30s. I don't feel that way. I know I'll never be skinny, it's not in my genes. But I'll aim for a healthy 160 pd frame and stick with that.
  • Like another person who commented, I tried out the Ideal Weight Calculator on the web. I was curious to see what it said for me. For gender, age, and height I input female, age 40, height 5'4". The results were as follows:

    Based on the Robinson formula (1983), your ideal weight is 123.0 lbs
    Based on the Miller formula (1983), your ideal weight is 129.1 lbs
    Based on the Devine formula (1974), your ideal weight is 120.6 lbs
    Based on the Hamwi formula (1964), your ideal weight is 119.7 lbs
    Based on the healthy BMI recommendation, your recommended weight is 107.8 lbs - 145.6 lbs

    I have a large frame and tend to be muscular. At my healthiest weight (when I was in high school, walked to school, and had 2 phys ed classes) I weighed 140. At one point I got down to 135 and people started saying I looked too thin, unhealthy thin. One of my best friends asked if I was anorexic. So I gained 5 pounds. I felt good and I was healthy. I don't think I could function if I got below 130.

    One question that has never been answered for me (and maybe I just haven't asked the right person or looked in the right place) is how were these "ideal" weight ranges determined? What parameters were used to establish them?

    Since every person is different, no two body make-ups are exactly the same, how can one weight number be "ideal"? The BMI gives a range. However it says I am overweight above 145, when I know that I am comfortable and healthy anywhere between 140 and 160.

    So again I have to ask, how were these baselines decided? And why are they religiously adhered to, when there are so many other contributing factors regarding a healthy weight, like muscle mass, frame size, energy/endurance, and blood pressure, to name a few, that they do not address?

    I can understand the need for a goal to shoot for, but it seems there should be more to decide that than how tall you are (the Ideal Weight Calculator gave me the same results for age 18 as for age 40). And I still question how the baseline was established.

    It seems to me that these tools provide only a loose, rough estimate at best.

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