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Best and Worst Fish Choices

A Guide for a Healthy Body & Planet


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Thank you for the information. I love white fish and tilapia. Great that they are safer. I also have a supply of canned tuna at home. Report
thanks Report
Great list! Report
This a great article. I try and eat 2 portions a week. Having baked salmon tonight. Report
So much great information I need to keep re-reading it for it to sink in Report
Nov 2017 - Thank you! This was an informative article (so much info). Please revisit and update. Have there been any changes or is everything in the article still reliable 5 years later? Report
Had a nice sardine sandwich after reading this. Report
Remember: friends don't let friends eat tilapia! Check your packaging and avoid seafood of ANY kind from China, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, and Thailand, where fish farming is unregulated, and farmed fish & shrimp are raised in pools of human sewage, because that's the cheapest way to grow tubifex worms that fatten the fish fast, free, and easy. Report
I would love an update of this article. I also didn't see a ranking for sockeye salmon, a red salmon that I thought was high in omega-3s and exceptionally healthy. Report
After years of fish every Friday, I'd rather not have any more. It may be good for me and cook up nicely in the microwave, but I'm done with fish. Report
Thank you. Just to let you know, some of the links don't work.. Report
6/13/17 - This article is 5 years old - it's time to be updated with the latest information. Report
A good article. I do love fish of almost any kind but often wonder if I am making good choices. Report
I'm very spoiled growing up and living on the Gulf Coast, but wherever you live,you should buy whatever fresh, LOCALLY-sourced (or as close to local as possible!!) fish you like!!! It's the best and you support local fishermen/women!!! Stay away from all that imported crap and restaurants that serve it!!!!! (Ask them the country of origin of their 'seafood'..............HA!!!!) Buy LOCAL!!! Report

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