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''I Beat Diabetes with SparkPeople!''

I Beat Diabetes and You Can, Too


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  • Well done! Excellent work!
  • Sounds like an exhausting schedule, but not if you don't think so. Glenn
    Hi Ann, my name is Linda, about two years ago, I became a controlled-diabetic. I was taking a diabetic pill, and every time I took it my blood sugar would drop to 30 by lunch. After about a week of that, I called my Doc. He said quit taking it. My sugar has been
    awesome ever since. Never over 100 before breakfast and never over 100 before dinner.
    My A1C is usually 5.0 - 5.2. I loved your article. I hope I can do as well as you some day!
    Have a Thankful & Blessed Thursday!
  • These last three posts are very interesting because my doctor told me very directly that with weight loss, Type II diabetes could be cured. I think it no longer has to be a progressive disease and it is possible to cure it if there are still beta cells that function. If that is not true, then how could people who have those weight loss surgeries be declared "cured"? It is a disease of insulin resistance. Eliminate the resistance and we eliminate the disease. It is great that we have more knowledge about diabetes II and the role weight loss, carb elimination and fiber play in reversing it.
  • I was diagnosed with Type 2 in March of 2013. I got it under control with diet and exercise and in 6 months, my Doctor said if I had come in his office for the first time, he would not have diagnosed me.
    Unfortunately we do not maintain that fact if we return to eating poorly. It can spike, weight returns, I lost 46 lbs at that time, 20 came back.
    So I am on the road to recovery again, losing the weight I gained back plus the amount needed to reach my goal. I was 8 lbs away, when I started stuffing the carbs again. And I feel that if we should look at making it a lifetime, not a "Ok it's gone" attitude, then we keep the beast from rearing it's ugly head.
    I never took meds. I have done this solely by diet and exercise (low carb/raw) And it can be done. The medications for diabetes have side effects. The most prescribed one Metformin can eventually cause memory loss (impair cognitive recognition) Medication to me is a way for the pharmaceuticals to make money. As they did on my parents (shoebox) full of it. One for this, one for that, one to help the other one work, etc. Makes no sense to me. Too many people think that medication solves it, and the most of us know this is not true, solving is changing, not masking. I have friends with diabetes 2 that keep making poor choices in food and limited or no exercise, one was already in the hospital with the possibility of a losing a limb. He still takes meds and insulin, and figures he can eat whatever he wants. He hasn't learned a thing. I guess when it becomes life threatening and a burden to loved ones, then maybe.
  • I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes several years ago. I am able to keep it under control with medication. Spark People is encouraging healthy meals (I have cut down fast foods until they are almost nonexistent)...still working on the exercise part. I am having back problems which makes it difficult to follow any kind of regular exercise program. I do more walking than anything and am trying to build up to the 6000 steps a day challenge. I am making from 2,000 to 3,000 now so will keep working until I reach the goal. In other words, I am going to be proactive from now on and conquer this weight problem.
  • I worked as a CNA for over 25 yrs. And I have to applaud every diabetic that sticks with their diet. I know it's not easy, but there are so many benefits along the way. I myself may end up having the same problem, since it runs in the family. It would be good to break away from that part of the mode.
  • I am too a type 2 diabetic and I know that no matter how much weight I lose or how fit I am I will always be a diabetic .The only difference will be is that I have it under control and not that I was cured.My insurance company will always have diabetes as a pre-exiting condition for me because it is.
  • I am too a type 2 diabetic and I know that no matter how much weight I lose or how fit I am I will always be a diabetic .The only difference will be is that I have it under control and not that I was cured.My insurance company will always have diabetes as a pre-exiting condition for me because it is.
  • I really DID have diabetes and according to my doctor, I BEAT it! It may very well come back someday but for the past 2 years, it has NOT! There are no false claims and not everyone will be able to beat it but I DID! Even my health insurance company recognizes that I am no longer diabetic. I still exercise and I am still careful about what I eat. I have made a lifestyle change and will continue to be healthy. Will the diabetes return??? Maybe...even most likely at some time in the distant future. But for now, it is gone!

    And to answer if this works for type 1 diabetes...unfortunately it does not. Your diabetes will always be with you because your pancreas does not produce the insulin your body needs. However, it's always good to exercise and eat a proper diet! My body was glucose intolerant...a mild form of diabetes. Anyone whose pancreas does not produce insulin cannot beat diabetes. This is why it is so important to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes very early! I have a family history of diabetes so my doctor monitors my glucose levels very carefully and regularly.
  • Thank you! I'm a former child care worker, now teacher, myself, and my health situation is similar. My goal is to conrol my diabetes so I don't need medicines anymore. Thank you for showing the way!
  • I too have type 2 diabetes. I have lost 50 lbs and have done the tracking and exercise. I feel that it was partly Spark People but mostly because God has been with me this whole journey. I am still on the metformin, but hopefully can get off of it like she has.
    Does this work on type 1 diabetes???
  • Congrats on owning your own health! I'm forwarding this on to a friend that has been diagnosed with type 2.
  • Very inspiring story. I feel there is hope for me. Thanks for sharing what it took for you to get there. I am determined to get off of some of the medications that I am on. I take 6 meds per day for diabetes and arthritis.

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