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SparkPeople's Motivational Calendars

Get Healthy, One Day at a Time


  • OK I have a very big q for you now???And how do you print these Calder's off just for yourself & can someone pretty please tell me what I'm doing wrong hear too & very soon too!!!!!!
    Brenda Lee Batschelet - 2/9/2014 10:10:59 PM
  • New, again, to the Sparks board and community. Some great tips for January. I am on day 4 and determined to get and keep this weight off, I will be reviewing the pages for inspiration when I find my own flagging. - 12/30/2013 1:34:35 PM
  • Can these be offered as .jpg's please so I can use them as backgrounds on my laptop? Thanks!!! - 6/27/2013 10:13:02 PM
  • I love these calendars! I am printing the April calendar and keeping it on my desk at work. I'll look at it often!!! - 4/1/2013 8:28:39 AM
  • So happy to find this page, these calendars will help me stay on track. - 2/15/2013 4:06:25 PM
  • I had trouble getting these calendars to print then I switched browsers. THAT was the issue!! For some cotton-pickin' reason ie doesn't do it. I switched to mozilla and there it is!! Personally, I hate ie, but I was using it mostly b/c I am using a new pc and had not yet downloaded firefox (mozilla).
    - 1/27/2013 9:13:24 PM
  • I am unable to get them to download but THEY sure are able to send me a whole lot of crap advertising for other junk. wish I hadn;t even tried it. now I have to fight with all the pop ups. I only have the option to have popups on or off, no ability to filter. And YES i DO know my puter well enough - 1/27/2013 3:23:54 PM
  • Great ideas! - 9/18/2012 6:16:43 PM
  • HGB0318
    how do i print calenders - 8/27/2012 3:28:09 PM
  • To see if there was an issue with the site, I just downloaded all the files in a row. They are all there and working fine as pdfs at the time I'm posting this.

    If you are having difficulty, it is almost certainly a software or familiarity issue with your computer. This isn't something SparkPeople can address from their end. - 6/12/2012 3:49:11 AM
  • Mine keeps saying unable to repair file. I can't get them either, discouraging. - 3/24/2012 11:05:31 PM
  • i was able to download the PDF version, but i could not bookmark the page. - 1/16/2012 12:17:47 AM
    I was able to click File, Save from the internet page and then save as PDF. Once in the pdf format, I was able to print it from my computer. - 6/18/2011 12:49:05 PM
  • For the life of me I cannot print a copy of the June calendar. I've tried from my sparkpeople email and from the website - and I do have adobe! - 6/2/2011 12:07:59 PM
  • I can't download June, either. Has anyone found out how to do it? - 6/1/2011 3:01:00 PM

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