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Use Measurements Besides the Scale

What's So Motivating About Numbers Anyway?


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    On this weight program I've been measuring myself and was amazed how my body seemed to be shifting around (a shape shifter) what a difference it made in my mental attitude.
  • This method really does work, and doesnt stress yourself out as much as weighing does, but I do both as much as possible,...since my activity level as skyrocketed since i lost 143 pound's, and still losing.
    Really liked this idea, thinking as if weight didn't matter. I may make a weightless weekend once a month, to see if it changes how I feel, it's a welcome shift of thinking.
  • Thank you for the excellent reminder, I have been on a 'scale fast' for the last two months while still working out and eating right---and I have never been better.
    I'm not losing weight but have gone down a size clothes wise and people are commenting on how i look
  • I try on my clothes to see if I lost weight. Then I will take about a month before I get on the scale.
    I definitely realized in the last month I've felt less tired. And I do see my endurance and fitness level increasing, also my jeans are looser! Can't wait to fit into the smaller size!
    Agree, the scales is a very addictive item! Fat percentage and size loss is a much greater indication of whether you are losing weight safely and not losing muscle/ fat/ bone even organ density in those with severe weight loss!
  • What a good way to view progress. Instead of beating down my scale, I can choose to see my progress in other areas.
  • VICKYG99
    I was glad to see this article under the "motivation" section. I myself have lost my lack of motivation due to the fact that the scale has not moved. However, people continue to tell me, "Wow! You look smaller, your clothes are so loose on you. etc." From today on I will reset my goals and concentrate on inches and exercise endurance.

    Thanks for helping me regain my motivation.
  • Instead of the scale i use the waist-to-hip ratio measurement and my cholesterol level as a better measurement for progress.
  • MAGGIE101857
    Just what I needed today! My scale has not budged in ages, and while I know my eating is not perfect, I do know how much and how hard I work out and overall eat healthy. My fiance said to me the other night "you need to stop worrying about the scale and start focusing on how healthy and strong you have become, because you are WOW! I guess I need to listen you both of you!! Thanks for the good thoughts!!

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