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Reference Guide to Exercise Intensity

An In-Depth Look at Heart Rate, RPE and the Talk Test


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Good stuff! Report
I use the Rate of Perceived Exertion and Talk Test. Thank you for an informative article. Report
Very useful information..I am coming back later to figure it out Report
great information Report
Great information. Thanks. Report
Good Information. Thank you Report
Good guide but am not at that level yet Report
Too many numbers for me, but good information for more intense exercise addicts. I just want to enjoy my workouts. Report
Very helpful and informative. Good need-to-now information. Report
97 to 124? Report
I'm not so sure about this but thanks anyway! Report
Good information. Thank you Report
According to this article, my MHR should be about 164-165. But I REGULARLY achieve this while doing cardio (not for the entire w3orkout, but during bursts of peak energy) and I barely even feel winded! My RHR is kind of high too....Wonder if I should be concerned? Report
Good information. Thanks for sharing. Report
Learn something new...relearn something...all good...Thanx! Report

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