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Your Fitness Plan for Weight Maintenance

How to Adjust Your Fitness Program after Reaching Your Weight Loss Goal


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    Some good suggestions, printed out so I can plan for when I reach my goal, 10 lbs. more or three months away.
  • Good ideas. Still working on getting to that stage.
  • I have been in maintenance for over 10 years now with the usual blips and bumps up and down. The trick is to catch it early (within 5 pounds) and adjust..
  • I wish I read this article before I went on maintenance. I have gained about 8 pounds due to stress eating and also I had the flu for a while so did not exercise for 3 weeks. I feel my but getting bigger 😆. I need to get a hold on myself and get back to my excercise routine as I have worked too hard to get back to where I am coming from.
  • I've been at or under my goal for over 3 years and definitely agree that exercise is key & I do a lot more now. Didn't change much in the way of food and still track everything.
  • Great article I am in magnance have been for about 1 1/2 year now. I found I am doing a lot of these things but it is a good reminder to keep it going.
  • I have about two more pounds remaining to my first goal, which was to lose 20 pounds, which was about 10% of my weight. I plan to maintain that first goal for a while, not losing weight, for ... I don't know how long. A few weeks? A few months? I don't know. I have head, and common sense tells me, that it is best not to try to lose all the weight at once, but to do it in steps. Anyway, I am glad for any information to help me maintain my weight for a while.
  • Reading theses now even though I still have about 150 pounds left to go. I want this kinda of stuff to be just as natural as the NEW changes I had to make for my weight loss (50 Lbs so far) by the time I get to my goal. I looks like it boils down to don't give up and don't stop paying attention to your body. But keep the articals coming so i can get all the facts as i get there.
  • Just read this and found that it is what I am doing. It is nice to know you go it right.

    It is now 2 1/2 years around the same weight
  • Great article. I hope when I reach my maintenance that I stay there.
  • Hmmm, these comments are from quite some time ago, lots of concerns about having to burn so many calories and how unrealistic that is. I am getting ready for maintenance mode...hope to be there in about two or three weeks at most (though the last few pounds take a lot longer). I have gained/lost gained/lost so many times and this is the last time, so I am really trying to be prepared and knowledgeable about this. I really liked this article and I thought that the calorie burn was on target. Right now I generally burn about 4,000 to 5,000 a week through exercise and I am not a hugely obsessive exerciser. I fully understand that I am doing this for life....I might be able to back off a little when I get to my goal weight but I expect to still be burning a good number each week. Also, I am not some spring chicken...I am pushing 50 and have never really loved exercise....this CAN be done!
  • After the series of comments against the 2-3K calorie burn, I thought I'd give the opposite perspective. First off, I'm a guy while it was all women saying that amount is too much for them. It's possible that the article needs to have a range of calories based on your current weight. However, for me, burning 3K per week is absolutely normal, and that's even in the winter when I'm not running. When it's warmer, I'll burn 3K per week JUST running, and probably double that once you add in the gym for weights and yoga.
  • I agree ... 2,000 to 3,000 calories burned per week is insane. I don't think I've ever burned that many calories in a week - even during my weight loss days. I burn about 1,000 - 1,500 calories a week. People who burn that much must eat larger meals. They would have to to maintain daily body functions.

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