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Printable Workout: Day 1 Bootcamp

Take the Workout With You!


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  • Love the printable version!
  • unable to get a printable version of this one either, too bad since it would be really nice to print these out
  • Has anyone been able to get a printable version to work? I've tried multiple browsers and devices and elements (pics/text) print on top of each other, don't lay out correctly, etc.
    This seems like something I could actually do instead of those complicated exercises. Will try this 28 day workout
  • Nice video for warm up. Got it done! tomorrow day 2. This looks like a program I can do.
    Time will tell, but I'll keep on trying!
    I love the video . I have to re-start on Day one again because I missed doing it for 6 days. My DVD player was acting up. I also have the cardioblast DVD but did not start it yet. I'm going to get the printable version just in case the same problem happens again.
  • Great for taking to the office so I can get a workout in during breaks and feel more productive. LOVE IT!!!
  • I love the printable internet is so slow that doing the videos took forever to download and then I wasn't getting the desired workout achieved..nothing like pausing for several minutes to download a few more seconds of the workout..caused me to drop out of a lot of boot camps :(

  • why cant you add this to your fitness tracker?
    I like this workout a lot I joined just last week Tuesday since I want to push my weight loss into hyper-drive. I do this before doing my Bob Harper workout. I really enjoy this. It prepares me for when I do his. He has mountain climbers in it.
  • I usually shun aerobics, but the thought of driving all the way to the gym for cardio (through the rain!) is enough to make me skip it all together. So, I tried it. And, I'll be trying to do it as many morning as I can squeeze it in. Halfway through I felt like I needed a break! Wonder how long it'll take til it's no sweat :P
  • I am glad I joined up. for this challenge.. I have been down for some weeks now .. not doing my exercices .. This is exactly the motivation that I needed to be up and moving again.. thanx. Nicole is wonderful !!! I love her voice.. Its a great voice to execise with.. pushing and soothing at the same time. Great job!!
  • Video is great but printable version makes it so easy to take with me when away on business and to just review to make sure I am doing all of the exercises. No where for me to exercise near my computer so the printed version is just great. I do like the suggestion to have any/all of Spark info in a pdf version - makes printing easier and uses less paper!!! Thank you
    Like the video,but I did not realize just how out of shape I am!! I'm having trouble doing the exercises but I'm determine. I slow down or march in place when I get too tired.
    Can't wait to see what it will be like in 28 days!
  • Why is it that I can add Boot Camp 2 to my fitness tracker but I can't with the first one? On the plus side I really like the idea that I can do these workouts on my break at work.

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