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''I Thought I'd Always Be Fat''

One Member Shares What a Difference a Year Makes



3/26/2014 9:28:08 AM

SUSAN727's SparkPage
Inspirational story. Thanks for posting! Gives us hope out here.



12/25/2013 11:32:09 PM

SHANDOO's SparkPage
Well, I'm back at Sparkpeople.... again. Once again, I am going to try to lose the weight. And your article was the first thing I saw. Thank you so much for the inspiration! And congratulations on your success!


12/6/2013 11:23:14 PM

Very good points in this article... thank you... very inspiring and helpful! :)


12/5/2013 2:13:40 AM

TIGER_LILY_613's SparkPage
Hats off to you Alexa !!!


10/19/2013 3:51:21 PM

this was a big help for me because today i stepped on the scale and realized i did not lose any weight like i thought i had my scale was just off :( but this made me feel a lot better and motivated!!


9/25/2013 11:32:54 PM

NLYR20's SparkPage
Nice Inspiring article. Remembered my own ups and downs along way...


9/2/2013 8:57:26 PM

PROUDNM1987's SparkPage
Thank you!! This was so motivational for me!!


7/16/2013 10:41:55 PM

Great article! Wonderful testimony to how well SP works!

Keep on Sparking!

You will most assuredly reach you goals!


7/16/2013 2:56:45 PM

TINAXX1's SparkPage

thank you for sharing ,it gave me a new out look thank you again



7/16/2013 12:55:43 PM

Kinda teary eyed reading that:( That is how I feel often more than not! It is always reassuring to know you are not alone!


6/25/2013 7:07:40 PM

PEZCATHY's SparkPage
I am sure there are many of us that understand EXACTLY what you mean and where you are coming from, including me! I loved that you are able to write what we all want to write, to understand and sympathize, to love and encourage us all. Great job! Great weight loss!


6/25/2013 4:59:35 PM

NETSRIK2006's SparkPage
Very beautiful article, never give up! always be positive!!! you can always do it and anything is possible!


6/25/2013 5:34:06 AM

BECCAZEN7's SparkPage
The first time I read this article was in January of 2013. I read it again today (6/25/13) and it still resonates with me. I started with 50+ pounds to lose in December of 2012 and I am down 14 pounds now with the help of SparkPeople and inspirations like you! I was stuck at a 10 pound loss for more than 5 months but this last 4 weeks I stepped up my exercise and tracked my food EVERYDAY! The scale is finally budging! I just kept telling myself to hang in there and not quit - something great is happening inside me and I kept thinking of it as my transition phase! I am going to keep at it until I am down all 50 pounds and then reevaluate. Who knows, I may not be done at that point! Kudos to you for sharing this with us!


6/22/2013 1:03:03 PM

MONTHONY's SparkPage
Wonderful article! I wish for your continued success in accomplishing your goals.


6/15/2013 1:10:10 PM

JSLICE812's SparkPage
one of the best articles I've read on here... thanks for a Saturday morning motivator :)

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