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How to Deal with Setbacks

Bounce Back from Life's Hurdles


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Thank you for positive suggestions. Report
thanks.... Report
Great poem. Thanks for sharing Report
Do it until you finish it, then move one. Report
We've got to keep moving forward Report
This article is one we all need to read, save, and read again. Ralph Waldo Emerson words still ring true! I wrote them down! .lol Report
Good little pep talk. Report
I really needed to hear this on this day.I am wrestling with very thing right now in my life..Needing to step out of my comfort zone and learn that is okay to try. and not be perfect... It is not the end of the world Report
Reminds me of "Finding Nemo" Just Keep Swimming. Report
Thank you Report
I'm glad to read this today. The past 2 days I have not done so well. I realize that I must track everything I eat. I did track, but didn't plan my meals; therefore, I went a little overboard. Now, starting today, I will get back on track and continue my journey to my goal. Report
Thank you! I needed this reminder especially for today. I had just fessed up in my nutrition tracker before reading this article. What relief! I am not one to brood about what I have done but to move on and get back on track ASAP, but today for a few minutes I did have regrets over yesterday. Ralph sure does have it right! Again, thank you! Report
great information Report
Thanks for positive article.
Enjoyed the poem, worth posting on my mirror.

Thank you! Report

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