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Dealing with Boredom in Your Diet

Everything Needs a Little Shake-Up


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  • Good advice! Thanks
  • Good to know how to handle being bored.
  • I ,usually have a protein shake every morning with berries,mixed greens and Chia seeds.
    I'm much happier eating 100-200 calories every 2 hours, with a larger dinner, than 3 meals a day. It works for me.

    I much prefer a work environment where I can choose how to do my job, including eating at my workspace, than being micro-managed, You must eat now in the breakroom, how ridiculous.
  • I am actually fairly happy about eating the same food every day. Takes the guesswork out of it.
  • Some great points in this article. I question the suggestion about smaller meals, 5-6 per day. A recent study has shown that subjects eating multiple, smaller meals have no greater success in losing weight than those eating three full size meals. I hope sparkpeople continues to base their content on proven or widely accepted research and steers clear of taking sides on debatable subjects.
  • Like Jshare this came at a good time for me. I have lost 28 kilos and have 2 more to lose to reach my goal. I am finding it a real struggle to shift the last of the weight and really feel like I have been doing this diet forever. I am following the Dukan plan which is very restrictive. I think it's time for a change whilst not returning to my old eating habits.
    Articles like this help keep me focused on the lifestyle issue, not the diet route. Thanks Liz!!!
    I found that trying to "Diet" only led to frustration for me. I found my answer in a book by Jorge Cruise called the "Belly Fat Cure". His program suggests that you watch your sugar intake and keep it @ 15 grams of sugar or less a day and to keep your carbs @ 120 grams a day. His book offers many food items that are filling while staying within the limits of the sugar and carb intake. It's not a diet but a life style change for me. As a result of following his sugar/carb plan I have lost 25 lbs and 3.5 inches off of my waist.
  • I have lost some weight but I suspect the next 3 weeks will be a real test for me as we are going on a 3 week long vacation. Please wish me luck as I absolutely must avoid fats and sweets to retain my weight loss success! Thanks for the support that is always available on Spark People!!!
    First off let me say I train people to get fit! One of the first things they ask me is what kind of a diet should I go on so I can look like you. My response always "DIET" is an immediate failure word! You must do a life style change with your eating habits! That means CLEAN EATING for the rest of your life. Lean protien,complex carbs,fruits veggies. Remember it takes two-eating and exercise! CALORIES IN-CALORIES OUT!! I have many success stories with clients who finally got it! Alife style change not a diet!!!
    I disagree with some parts of this...
    I plan my lunch, eating the same food groups daily & have for almost 2 years, ie., a broth based soup, 2 veggies, 2 small fruits (usually berries) & yogurt...& I look forward to it everyday.
    Also, if I ate 4, 5, or 6 meals per day, regardless of how small, I'd continue to eat all day. Research has now shown it's not necessary to eat this way. I eat 3 meals & a snack & I'm content. Guess it's what works for each, not to mention, I really hate to see people eat at their desks, aten't they supposed to be working & then eat at break time in their cafeteria??
  • oops....I meant to continue: I agree with the poster who said that healthy eating does not need to be boring. I think what happens is that a lot of people who develop unhealthy eating habits get accustomed to bombarding their sense of taste with excess fat or food that is lower in nutrients but higher in calorie content.

    Healthy eating can and should be according to individual tastes. I do, however, think that sometimes when starting any new health change it is easy to lose momentum and fall into old habits, especially when that plateau sets in. I am just now trying to get back into the swing of things, and I'm hoping I can remain determined this time.

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