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Breaking Down Pros and Cons of Mini Meals

The Benefits of Eating Several Small Meals Each Day


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  • Great article, with great ideas for mini meals!
  • I appreciate that the article makes it clear that not every person will be best off following a particular item. Currently (meaning as starting yesterday), I'm trying three meals and an afternoon snack. We'll see how it works!
  • This is a great article. Thank You. I am presently eating 6 smaller meals/day and have done well with this plan.
    The past year has been a fun time of experimenting with what works for me. I have lost about 30 pounds with 3 meals and 1-2 snacks a day. breakfast is an egg, scrambled, with bacon bits and shredded cheese...some days a slice of toast, some not. a hard boiled egg with a carb for mid morning snack...lunch varies, as does dinner. but I have incorporated more fruits and veggies. working on cutting out refined sugar and breads and pastas.
  • What I'd like to aim for is 3 moderate meals plus 2 moderate snacks. What I usually end up actually eating is more like snack, snack, meal, meal, snack. Not working. I'm really bad with breakfast.
    I tend to eat 3 meals a day and rarely snack except sometimes in the evening which can be a problem for me. I think I would tend to overeat if I tried 6 small meals a day.
  • If it weren't for cooking dinner for the family, this would be easy-peasy.
  • Good article, great need-to-know information. I like the idea of small meals throughout the day!
  • Three meals and two snacks is what I do. Six mini meals seemed to keep getting bigger and no weight loss.
  • If I were to eat 6 mini meals I would overeat. I know this because I've tried this. I'm better off with 3 meals and a nibble here in the evening. I do try to eat at the same time every day but I do not eat within one hour after awakening. I up by 0430 and eat 0600. And This meal is under 300 calories. Lunch and dinner are much larger. Usually heavy on the veggies. Maybe a small snack between lunch and dinner. (sometimes one before bed. )
  • It seems a bit crazy to me to eat all day long -- where would you find time to do all the fun things you want to do throughout the day like going to work and all the time it takes to get there and back, etc. Eat when you're hungry.
  • I add 2 healthy snacks daily to my meal plan it works
  • Interesting. Now that I'm retired I tend to eat three meals w/one snack around 4. Used to have a morning snack at work, but now get home after the gym about 11:45 so ready for lunch. What's important is to do what works for you.

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