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Breaking Down Pros and Cons of Mini Meals

The Benefits of Eating Several Small Meals Each Day


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  • I've always eaten breakfast, and lunch, and dinner, and snacks. SP has given me the discipline to limit the calories at each one.
  • I eat 3 meals a day with 2 snacks used if I feel hungry between meals. This is the plan that works best for me.
  • I seem to gravitate toward mini meals throughout the day...except I probably eat a little more at supper.
  • I would be grouchy with hunger on most days without snacks.
  • I would rather eat 3 meals a day with 1-2 snacks a day, It's what I've been brought up with so I think it will be easier.
  • I have been eating 6 smaller meals/day for several years now and it really helps me to avoid over-eating due to low blood sugar attacks. My total calories allowed for the day are divided into the 6 meals.
  • Three meals and a snack work for me. All pre-planned of course, otherwise I will overeat.
  • Mini meals don't work for me but I've successfully lost about 60 pounds and kept it off for the last three years so obviously three meals plus an occasional snack works for me.
  • MY two cents is this: Your body KNOWS what it needs. If it's beginning to feel grouchy and your stomach begins having pains between meals....EAT. Choose wisely, but EAT. If you're not experiencing those problems then ....DON'T eat.
    It doesn't have to be all or nothing. It doesn't have to be complicated.
  • Snacks are helpful to me. They kinda the day.
  • SUNSHINE8686
    I like using mini meals. I also have days where I simply even out my snack intake better than others. That is something that has really helped me. I like to have have a snack such as a granola bar or a smoothie to give me that extra boost of energy through out the day.
  • Multiple meals daily are not my thing. I eat a substantial enough meal that I don't need snacks or mini meals.
  • Mini meals do not work well for me...will stick to three meals
  • SAFIRE82
    I have found that by nixing snacks and having three regular size meals a day I eat less. I enjoy my food more. A meal is more of an event, a family thing where we can sit down together. Then I eat slower, savor more, and I do allow one snack a day. Usually a piece of fruit. This has been working and eating that many times a day makes me think about food too much and stress. Not a good combo for me. So the 3 a day with a snack is my method.
  • I don't do mini meals, but do snack. When I get back from the gym in the morning I have couple of carrots w/hummus and usually fruit in the later afternoon. that works for me.

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