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5 Things You Can Learn from Your Mistakes

Find Life Lessons When You're Less Than Perfect


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  • thank you for sharing
  • All valid points. Ones I have embraced with this weight loss journey. Gone is “all or nothing” with time limits. No diets, just a healthier lifestyle that will help me live my best life (I like Oprah as well).
  • Enjoy the article. Very eye opener. Learned lot from it
  • This is very useful. I am at the last 10 pounds and spent 6 intensive months getting here. But my body hit back and I am struggling with hip injury. I am learning the skills in this article now and I am learning to embrace rest while finding balance.
    Very good article, useful information!
  • It's really hard for me, when things are going well, and then I hit a road block. I want to use my own force to dissolve the road block, but it's not always up to me. I need patience then, for myself and for others. And I need to remember that I'm not perfect. I know its obvious, and perhaps a DUH moment, but I have to keep telling myself that lesson.

    Good article.
  • Good article. I am close to my weight loss but would love to go to the next level but it is not coming as fast as it did in the beginning. This program is teaching me to learn patience and be consistent.
  • MISSTX32
    I have a friend who is always rushing to get where he is going, He rushes to work, rushes to lunch, rushes BACK to work, rushes home, rushes to church, to school functions, to family affairs, it's crazy! I was without a car for a few days and he offered to bring me to the grocery store. On the way there he estimated how much time each leg of our grocery store excursion should take. He knew how many minutes I should spend on each aisle, when to begin checking out, and the estimated time to be at his car with my cart! Being so time conscious put my stomach in knots! I decided for survival's sake, to ignore his ridiculous attempts to control me and just shop. I trimmed my list considerably, made quick decisions, avoided eye contact with people and stayed focused, maintaining my cart at a slow roll! After only10 minutes in the store, he calls me from the parking lot wanting to hear the items I had left on my list. I named half a dozen things and told him I'd text him the moment I was in the check out line. He started calling for a progress report every 3 or 4 minutes so turned off my phone rather than give in to the urge to be physically violent. Then, thinking it wise, I abandoned my list and went quickly through check out. Texting a simple, "I'm DONE!" I grabbed my 4 or 5 bags and walked outside to look for his car. It didn't take long to realize he left me there with no ride home. He seriously needs to learn the valuable messages in this article! Especially "getting there" is a huge part of Life! It is so important to BE in the present, look for humor, offer a kind word, smile at a baby, compliment someone, enjoy and being grateful for a gorgeous sunset, be available to listen to a neighbor who just lost a spouse and needs to talk. Life is so much more than time management!
  • Great works are performed not by strength,
    but by perseverance.
    - Samuel Johnson
  • We all need to learn from our mistakes rather than keep repeating them, whether working or retired. I have to admit that it is much easier now that I am no longer giving 10 hours a day to a job.
  • This is how I live my life now that I am retired. It makes for a happy - non stressed life. It is too bad I didn't know all this in my younger years.
  • I have read this article several times & each time find the information contained in it valuable. Important stuff! :-)

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