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Eat to Beat PMS

9 Tips to Feel Better All Month Long


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  • "Schedule stressful events for the week after your period." -- Um, this is ridiculous. How are we supposed to "schedule" break-ups, firings, sickness, death, etc. *eye roll*
  • I have to laugh because most of the foods this article suggests we avoid during PMS are exactly what I crave and the cravings can be fierce! But, I'm trying to avoid them since I am trying to lose weight!
  • One of my secrets to dealing with PMS is to make sure I keep my iron intake at the proper levels. I have been talked to by my work about my "crankiness" so I had to do something. I don't want to take meds so I decided to do 2 things. I have an app that monitors my cycle so I know when heck week is coming and I added frosted mini-wheats to my diet. 1 serving gives 90% of your daily iron. Well, heck week turned into not so bad week. But I have only tried this for 1 month. BTW- I am so glad there is an article on spark about this, I hate going on the scale during the week and seeing the #'s go up by 3-5 pounds. It is frustrating along with the "I don't care" attitude that comes with it.
  • I thank God that I no longer have to deal with PMS ! But stay tuned hot flashes are another sign that God has a strange sense of humor. Ugh! It sounds like you ladies have a better handle on things due to being better informed. Good luck to you all.
  • Anyone know what do do about sleep trouble during Pms? For most of the third week I am a wreck b.c. Of it.
  • I've never suffered much from PMS, but I figured out as a teen that when I got cramps, I could exhaust my abdominal muscles by doing sit ups and then they didn't have the strength to cramp any more.
  • I have horrible PMDD...three weeks out of the month I feel like I am wigging out. To anyone experiencing the same thing I would say read "The Woman Code" by Alissa Vitta. She designs a plan to decimate the symptoms. I haven't tried it yet, but it seems like a lot of women have had a lot of success doing the program and it is easy to follow.

  • Too true! Thanks for commiserating.
  • Great article. For those who suffer from PMS, I have some bad news for you. It doesn't stop with the onset of Menopause. We just get to add hot flashes and night sweats to the list. Oh, the joys of womanhood. Some days I would just love to slap Eve! lol
  • Well-written article with some good information.

    A reminder, though, as this is a pet peeve of mine - birth control pills do not do anything to "fix" or "cure" menstrual or pre-menstrual problems. In fact, what they do is to stop your normal cycles completely. The bleed you get is simply shedding of the uterine lining from withdrawal of the hormones at certain times. It doesn't remove the menstrual problems, it removes the real menstrual cycles.

  • When I had PMS, it would be binging and depression as the worst part. I could go through chips and chocolate like there was no tomorrow. I had a hysterectomy 20 years ago and have not missed PMS one little bit.
    Great article. don't forget to have hormones checked as well no matter your age. Hormonal imbalances can make PMS and periods a lot more painful and can make you feel like you have the flu each month. My 20yo needs supplements from days 20-28 and I'm peri-menopausal. We are both a mess so I appreciated this article.
  • There are some great comments.

    I feel like when I get PMS everyone in the house goes nuts too, including my husband and son.

  • I think its funny that one of the tips was to limit sweets and candy! Tell a woman with PMS that she can't have chocolate and see how that goes! haha!!

    I experience pretty severe PMS and experience most of the symptoms on the list. I will definitely take these tips into consideration.
  • I hate that note after PMDD "Unlike PMS, PMDD is bad enough to interfere with your life"

    Now I've met girls who've had really bad symptoms, such as pain so bad that they fainted, and they have to go on medication, but I'm not wrong in complaining when I feel depressed for no reason except that I have PMS. I feel tired no matter what I do. It's a little bit of interference I think.

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