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4 Signs It's Time to Step Off the Scale

Does Weight Weigh Heavily on Your Mind?


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  • Great article Thank you.
  • thanks for sharing
  • Bottom line, do not be obsessive about the scale
  • At this time, I am weighing daily and it is working for me so far. Thanks for a great article.
  • L O L but thank you very much
  • The scale lies more than the government.
    I use to weigh my self in the morning , after I ate, and at night. It was a vicious cycle. I'm thankful for this article, because I have learned that the scale does not define me.
  • I weigh every Monday. If I weigh more and see the scale go up I start freaking out, not taking into consideration that my weight will fluctuate.
  • I appreciate my scale. It's just a tool, like a thermometer or a GPS.
  • I got discouraged by my scale. After a month of calorie tracking and exercising, I had no weight loss. I gave up on all my goals for a few weeks, but then decided to get back on track... this time without the scale. Now I am going strong on feeling good! I plan on doing belly circumference measurements monthly to keep track of my losses.
    I did a test where I weighed-in every day, same time, wearing same attire. I discovered over 30 days that my weight shifted up and down daily. I am comfortable with minor shifts in weight now as I realize that my body is a living thing that changes daily. In science, results are not considered actual until they can be repeated. If I gain/lose weight on one day, I do not record it as a gain/loss until it is repeated.

    Simple things can cause the scale to shift without actual weight changes. This is why scales have accuracy ratings: mine is +/- 2 pounds.
  • I don't think it's about avoiding scales forever, Spiegy. The point is that some people become so obsessive about the number on the scale that they let it become discouraging if they don't get the loss they expected. If you become so stressed out because you gain a pound (which could be due to any number of factors) one day, it could cause you to quit because you're not seeing the results you want.

    Do what works for you. If daily works, then do it. If it makes it the most stressful part of your day, reduce the number of weigh-ins. As with everything on this journey, there's no one solution.
  • Sure you can become obsessed with the scale, but I think it's more dangerous to avoid it. When I start avoiding the scale is when I start putting on weight. It allows me to ignore the weight creeping up and pretend it's not happening. I also think there have been studies that people who are successful at maintaining their weight DO weigh themselves every day.
  • I have the app Happy Scale. The app has you record your weight daily and after ten days of weigh ins gives you your average weight. No need to stress with a high weight, or get too excited with a low weigh in. I feel it is more accurate.

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