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Charity Races Mix Fitness and Fundraising

A Win-Win Scenario: Get Fit and Help Others!


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thanks Report
Love the idea! Report
thank you for posting Report
Although this isn't going to work for me personally, I really admire people who support causes for the greater good! Report
My dad was a deputy and they had a donkey basketball charity game in our brand-new high school gym with tarps on the floor! Funny and fun for everybody. They should start it up again. It is hilarious and raised a lot of money. Report
I feel intimidated about running but care deeply about causes. This piece reminded me that you can also *walk* for a cause! Thank you - great inspiration! Report
It makes sense that charity races would be a good idea. Not only would it encourage people to get out and get fit, but it would also raise money for a good cause! I'll be sure to consider giving one a try if I notice any charity runs going on around me. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thanks for sharing Report
A true win-win! Report
great! Report
Can't lose with this situation. Working on your health and giving back to those who really need it. Report
I totally agree with this article....for 3 years in a row I walked in the "50 miles in 3 days" for MS awareness. I proudly walked with my DH picture posted on my back and my grown children participating in the food station table and/or cheering station. It was an emotional three day event!! Report
This event will collect more money from the participants,if they would announce about their race to increase the fund and thus this charity will help the needed person.

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