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Charity Races Mix Fitness and Fundraising

A Win-Win Scenario: Get Fit and Help Others!


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  • Go Team in Training! I did my first half marathon with them, and as soon as I crossed the finish line I declared myself 'addicted' to races. But I would never do another one without TNT. Words cannot even describe how inspiring it is, I ran the whole 13.1 miles beaming with a smile because of TNT!
    I did a 5k walk for breast cancer yesterday with friends for work. Woohoo!
  • In 2007 I participated in the Breast Cancer 3Day 60 mile walk. It was the hardest thing I have ever done physically and emotionally but the wins were great. I walked with a team of ladies I work with and to this day we are all very very close. We trained together, fundraised together, laughed together, cried together and camped next to each other the whole weekend together.

    When it comes down to's the training, the equipment and committment to do any one of these Fundraiser. My defining moment was in mile 55 and I almost threw in the towel until I saw someone walking who should have not been, I managed to push through my "self-pity" and complete the walk.

    So to anyone who is training for an event, you have my support, anyone thinking of doing advise is go for it...and to all who have supported anyone participating..thank you!!!
  • I did Relay for Life just helping a friend out and walked 20 miles which is exactly what motivated me to start training for 5ks and start doing charity walks/runs. It feels so good to help out other people and know that I'm doing something good for myself at the same time yet it's not all about me.
  • Yup, as others have said, just last year I saw a donkey basketball fundraising event. I was aghast, having never heard of it before, but it was amazing!!!
    It was teachers versus students. You haven't lived until you see 50 year old, 6'1" men ride around on donkeys doing their hardest to buck them off, wearing little booties to protect the gym floor. A GREAT charity event, albeit one not as likely to get the participants in shape.
  • I am training for a triathlon for a charity in Trinidad right now!
  • It will be a while before I'm up to running in a marathon...I'm just getting up to speed with walking. :o)
    I have friend at work that will be competing this fall in the Marine Crops Marathon for Leukemia and Lymphoma via the 'Team In Training program'.
    I'm very impressed with his dedication and pre-training that he has been doing for this event. A lot of work, but because of the effort that he is putting into, I know he will do well. SEMPER FI! GO LUKE!
  • We still have Donkey Basketball at our school every year.
  • Even when I was heavier, I loved to walk in events like the Relay for Life (American Cancer Society) -- I don't have a lot of money and I can't make donations to everything I'd like to support, but by golly I can solicit donations and I can walk. This year I captained my church's Relay team and we raised over $1000, not bad for a small church! I spent most of the time on my feet, and it was some of the most satisfying exercise I'd gotten all year.
  • I saw the Team In Training website, which is way to much for me right now, but they have another page called the "couch to 5k". It is terrific for going from being very sedentary.
    Most events seem to be geared for runners, and/or are too far a distance from where I'm located. But I've participated in two charity bike rides this summer and have my eye out for more opportunities such as this. My local sparkteam is also looking for an event we can all do together! (Oh, and I participated in the annual donkey basketball game my senior year of high school. Those poor donkeys!)
  • I work for an agency that combats domestic violence and last year they had a 24 hour relay race and I just laughed in their faces when they asked for volunteers to run a mile or 2 for the relay....not this year! I'm looking forward to it and hope to run at least 3 miles!!!!
  • I always encourage my weight loss patients to sign up for races to keep their motivation going. I had 10 patients finish the RocK and Roll 1/2 marathon on Sunday in Virginia Beach, none of which had ever done a race before. The sense of accomplishment alone it worth the 13.1 miles, the t-shirt and medal are just a fun bonuses. I recommend checking with your local running club for upcoming races. While some of the larger races can be expensive, but also more fun, most 5K's around here are between $15-$30.
  • Most races cost more than I'm willing tospend on entrance fees.
  • I can honestly say its been a long time since I did exercise for charity. However, I do participate in Bloomsday every year with my daughter. It's about 7.5 miles. It has a spot called "Doomsday Hill" at about the 5 mile marker. Real challenging.

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