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9 Ideas After Meeting Your Weight Loss Goal

Follow Your Goals and Dreams


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I am not waiting any longer. I will start some of these now! Report
thanks Report
Great ideas. Looking forward to implementing them! Report
Great points! Just because a goal has been reached does not mean the journey is over! Report
Lots to think about after you hit you goal weight. Report
Looking forward to implementing these items! Report
Good article. Report
thanks. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
I have reach my goal. I'm having trouble maintaining my weight I'm still losing. I have increased my Cal. decreased my excises but still losing Help Report
I think that the qualities/goals listed would be already in the works as we approach the goal - not just suddenly appearing as we reach goal weight. Report
You must keep on eating the way you did to lose the weight!! Don't get over confident with yourself that you have a handle on it now! Been there, done that at least 7 times. It's never over. Report
These are far more ambitious than I am looking for but I sure can't wait to figure out what I will do! Over half there! Report
I am still dreaming about that day! Report
Great article. I love reading such positive things! :) Report

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