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What to Expect from a Spinning Class

The Most Fun You'll Have on a Bike!


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My husband has done his. Report
Thanks, Coach Nicole! Great tips! Report
I really want to try this class. Report
I love the spin classes. Report
Tough exercise! Report
Looking for best spin classes ? Then you are at a right place. Visit famous blog for all the details about spinn classes. Report
I love the spin classes. Only pet peeve is people with really bad gas! Use the washroom first find an alternative exercise, etc so it is not enviromental warfare on your fellow classmates! Report
You don't have to do a spinning class if you are not up to snuff, buy your own exercise bike for at home, put it where you watch tv, and use it every day. Still does a lot of good. Increases stamina, burns calories, you don't need to be maniacal about it. We have two of them, husband and I climb on whenever we have free minutes, you don't need to sit for hours. Report
I don't think Spinning classes use recumbent bikes. That lets me out, since I have back problems. I also don't like to be yelled at because I'm not keeping up the pace. I'm 65, not 25, and a size 2. Report
I absolutely love spin classes. I started over 15 years ago. Not in regular basis, but every time I go to class I enjoy them. I started over in February and so far I loved them! Inmy opinion, is one of the most complete exercises available. If you push yourself, you will see results in no time. Thanks Report
I find that I can't make it to spin class on a regular basis and when I try spinning on my own, I never push myself as hard as when I'm using this killer coached spinning album I found on iTunes. It's made by an elite cycling trainer to push you: Report
The first spin class I ever took was the 8-week Grand Tour Program. I did NOT know what I was getting into, but really glad I did it. It was the best money I had ever spent on myself, it got me ready for road riding (this particular spin program is different than others). I loved it but it was hard work, it however, made me want to do it more! I suppose that is a good thing. My spin instructor, Linda, was energetic and made the class that much more exciting. She also put together a cycling club when the season began. I cannot say enough about Spinning, it is fabulous! Try it, you'll like it ! Report
Thanks for sharing. I know of no classes near me. Report
Good article. But I don't think I would like to spin. That's something you need to think about very hard. I believe you could hurt yourself. Report
Spinning is aerobic exercise. It can be an awesome workout. Be cautious you are fit correctly on the Spinning Bike to avoid injury.

Spinning is not cycling, it is an aerobic event that helps the body metabolism. Done correctly you will have gains in fitness and tone. Report

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