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Walking Safety Tips

Getting Off To a Good Start


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  • I live in a great community for walking and biking. We are an active 55 and older community and it is also very safe.
  • Excellent basic tips, thank you!
  • I wear a wrist band that has my last name and ER contact numbers. A simple thing but if I passed out, or tripped and fell at least (hopefully) someone would call one of those numbers.
  • I have a conceal, carry permit, and I ALWAYS carry my nine mm with me in a bra holster.
  • Bring a walking stick or pepper spray? about bring a GUN.
    we just moved so we could feel safer walking around the neighborhood, but we are still prepared, cell phone, flashlight, small water bottle. We live in the southwest desert, so love watching the wildlife come alive early evening -- watch for snakes.
  • When I started walking for fitness I got a pedometer so I gradually upped my steps then started working on getting aerobic steps in....pedometer traded those once I walked briskly for 10 minutes.
  • On my daily walks -- there have been several times when stray dogs have come very close to attacking me. It is scary when a vicious dog can be loose. I carry a metal poker rod from a fireplace tool set. If a dog attacks me, I'll have a weapon against it.
    This is very important!---
  • JICAMA19
    I have been walking for a number of years and I live in a pretty safe town in Massachusetts .i walk up to 3-5 miles per week and I am always looking around as I walk., I have had some close calls a few times. I like the idea about carrying a whistle and mace, but when I I went to the police station to renew my mace certificate, they give me a hard way to go. So I walk with my phone. That was almost 20 years ago, maybe I will go back to the police station and try again.
  • When I walk outside I text my husband at the beginning, midpoint, and end of my journey. Sometimes I send pics which is fun, and I let him know what I am wearing. It's also good to find out where registered sex offenders are living in your area so that you can avoid those streets.
  • I take pepper spray, I hate to have to carry a bunch of stuff, but my phone goes too. Just can't be too sure these days....
  • I wear one earplug in one for me.
  • How do you listen to walking music if you shouldn't wear headphones?
  • I once was walking during my lunch break on a nice sunny day. A car slowed pulled beside me with a very polite gentleman looking for directions to the court house. After I gave him the directions he appeared to be very confused and asked to borrower my cell phone. I lied and said I didn't have on me.Then the man asked me to get in the car so that I can show him the way to the court house because he didn't know the area. After repeatly saying no, he finally drove away. It was really scary!

    So you never can be too careful because stuff like this happens in braod daylight! A cell phone and pepper spray is always good to have on hand.
    I take my husband to the park with me. He watches me to make sure I'm OK and walks the warm up and cool down with me to pace me.

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