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Health and Fitness Benefits of Walking

Reasons to Walk Yourself Fit!


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I love walking outdoors especially on trails through the woods. Report
Keep moving forward Report
Walking is so helpful in ways other than just physical health. Report
There are so many good reasons to go for a walk Report
Good article Report
Staying mobile as I age is so important to me. Report
Great article. Walking is my main exercise either outside or treadmill depending on weather. Report
Love walking every day Report
Today will have to be a treadmill day. Temps in the minus degrees and wind chill creates frostbite in 10 minutes. Report
Great article! Report
Walking is one of those exercises you can do and just get lost in thoughts & not even realize you are doing good for your body, mind and soul! Report
great article Report
Yes to walking! Report
Dearly Beloved and I try to walk every day. Report
Walking is so good for everyone at every age. Report

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