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Jump-Start Your Workout Program

Shocking the Body


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  • with SP it is easy to mix it up - so many videos!
  • I always mix up my exercise every other day to keep me motivate.
  • Thanks for sharing.
  • I totally agree. I went from walking in place with a walking dvd to outside walking and boy did it make a big difference. Today I am going to mix it up again and do only 30 minutes outside and 30 minutes inside.
    My sister and I work out together 3 days a week at her home and we do something different every day. She has a pool so that includes swimming laps. At home I do weights and biking. We never get bored. I've lost 48 and have only 12 to go. We like Tae Bo and Kettlebells, but we also lift weights and use resistance bands.Our goal is better cardio health so we really try to get moving. It seems to be working.
  • This was a great article...think outside of the box when I get bored or on the verge of quiting my workout! So now Im considering the powerfit class at my gym!
  • I think I got so bored of the same things that am not just shaking up my workouts but did change the gym I used to go to as don't know if I'll regret it later but I think I need change...
  • Along with the regular classes, Group Power, Zumba, treadmill or walking and either free-weights or machines, I take one really cool class. We call it "Extreme Cardio". It's one hour of pure sweat induced fun. Sometimes playground games, sometimes relays, sometimes circuit and then add in a 20+ minute core workout.

    The instructors focus on "Muscle Confusion" which tricks the body into using and building muscles using different methods.
    Our gym is tiny but the class offerings are pretty good. I can hit step aerobics on Monday & Friday, Pilates on Tuesday, Yoga on Wednesday, Zumba on Thursday and Nia on Saturday. I work some days but usually hit 4-5 and I don't get bored. And of course I walk.
  • I switched up my strength today and tried a group power class. We use the bar bell and body weight but I can't figure out how to track it.
  • This is good advice! I fell into this accidentally when I started P90X, and then I learned what a real high-intensity workout is and what it means to be striving for better at each workout. I took about a month off and did just some maintenance exercise, basically tried to go it on my own, but then decided to start another three-month program that is every bit as intense, but less time consuming. Once I get a couple of these programs under my belt, I think I'll have a much better idea of how to really exert myself and have a repertoire of ideas for changing it up. Just trying to increase my speed or distance on the treadmill doesn't cut it for me anymore.
  • When I feel the need to mix it up, I turn on a yoga DVD.
    The problem is that once you achieve a certain level of cardio fitness/flexibility/strength/etc., you get to a point of diminishing returns on a workout, no matter how many changes you make. You're just not going to get the same "return" on a workout because there's only so far you can go. Trainers seem to think that they can entice you with additional "returns" when your body can only get so fit. Maybe if you want to kick it up to Iron Man competition or Tour de France level of fitness......

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