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Eating to Prevent Osteoporosis

Early, Continuous Prevention is Key


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  • I've been reading up on osteoporosis foods and calcium supplements and this article lacks a whole lot of up to date information. I agree with some of the comments below, we should look for more thorough info.
  • Thanks for the info.
  • Seem like this article could be more thorough.
  • Not a very thorough article. Best to look for more information elsewhere - what about the role of soy, vitamins D and K, for example? Or some explanation - why salmon instead of tuna?
  • Has no one proof-read this article? Right after, if you can't have milk, it suggests ingesting milk and yogurt! I expect more rigor from SparkPeople.
    What are options for someone prone to kidney stones from calcium. I was just diagnosed with osteoporosis and read some scary things about Fosamax side affects. Has anyone had success with Fosamax. My doctor wants me to take it, but not sure if the risks or possible side affects (broken femurs and disfigured jaw just to name a few) are worth it. I haven't read enough about osteoporosis to know how debilitating it can become over years.
  • I've read many studies that say to ditch the grains if you need bone density. The reason is that grains promote INFLAMMATION and take buffer from the skin first, then the bones, and last, the muscle. These studies say to get your calcium from green vegetables. So that's what I do.
  • Thanks for sharing
    Please don't push dairy like this, it is simply not needed. Best Wishes To All.
  • I been taking calcium oills fir a few years now because my doctor told me it helps my bones. That I needed them to keep strong bones.
    Just an FYI- people who are lactose intolerant should be able to consume yogurt and hard, aged cheeses, because in those dairy products the lactose has been broken down already. If you are lactose intolerant and would like to see if it works for your body, try a small amount of yogurt, and go from there. I get so frustrated with all the negative comments towards animal-related foods on this site. We are not all vegans. I personally have no desire to be one. I don't hate on others for being vegetarians or vegans. All I ask is the same respect in return. Apparently it's too much to ask for a little respect from other grown adults.
  • Another article pushing dairy! Even if you don't like dairy, the alternatives are dairy! If you read the book, "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell II, you will can learn about other options and why they are preferred. Almond milk is high in calcium and so is soy and hemp milk. Check out vegan options. You don't need yogurt, cottage cheese or dairy milk. Many veges are high in calcium without the problems caseine presents.
  • I don't understand the suggestions for what to have when you don't like milk or milk doesn't like you...... all of the suggestions would cause severe issues with my stomach. There are no non-dairy alternatives listed. I could simply take a Lactaid pill of some kind, but that doesn't completely get rid of all the symptoms. I'm kind of disappointed to not see any non-dairy suggestions.

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