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Eating to Prevent Osteoporosis

Early, Continuous Prevention is Key


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  • Strength training is a great way to help prevent osteoporosis, and I think a greater emphasis on non-animal sources of calcium (for vegetarians, vegans & the lactose intolerant) is always good. Adding dairy products to my food is not a good way to get dairy - it makes me sick - so I need the other sources such as calcium enriched soy milk, spinach, tofu, etc.....
    There is quite a bit of research that indicates a diet high in dairy is not protective for osteoporosis. Eating a diet high in animal protein is associated with calcium loss. Eating a diet rich with the vegetable, legume, grain, nut/seed sources of calcium is a better idea. You receive a greater benefit and better retention of the calcium that you do eat and you get this without the saturated fat from dairy.
  • Wow. Thanks for all the helpful comments and suggestions. My mom is around 55 years old, and her doctor told her a few years ago that she has the bones of a 65 year old woman, and that if she has daughters she should make sure that we become aware of the future benefits of caring for our bones now. So this article and your suggestions certainly help me to keep this in mind!!

    THANK YOU!!! :)
  • I just read about a study that found jumping increases bone density. The action of jumping "stresses" the bone, which stimulates bone production. They recommended jumping 100x per day on a hard surface, the higher the better. It doesn't have to be all 100 at once. So, I jump 20x periodically throughout the day. Easy!
  • I had a hospital nutritionist say that people under 125 # are at higher risk also. She said it is extremely impt. for strength training to also prevent it. She stressed strength training as much as she did calcium.
  • I'm in menapause so bone health is very important to me, but I have learned that it begins in our young lives as women, so it is very important to teach girls/teens about building and maintaining strong bones for the bases of good health later in life.
  • That is a good point, Regina3. B/c I just changed my b.c., I am now adding Calcium with Vit D (important in northern states) to my multi-vit, even though I love dairy.
  • Keep in mind even if Osteoporosis doesn't run in your family your choice of birth control can increase your risk for it. Check with your doctor if you may be at a higher risk because of the form of birth control you use.
  • NANNY161
    This is a very good way to have healthy bones and loose weight as well.Dee
  • Great suggestions, and also, take note that carbonated beverages are bad for bone density.

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