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Walking Workouts with Intervals

Training Programs for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Walkers


  • This is a great exercise. It is simple to adjust the level of intensity l to any stage you are at in your exercise plan, Just listen to your body it will tell you. But remember pushing ourselves a little is the reward and how we loose those unwanted pounds. - 3/13/2015 11:42:30 PM
  • I CAN DO IT! - 3/10/2015 8:19:04 PM
  • The amount of time periods of fast and slow walking should take is not set in stone as some might suggest. It varies from one person to another, one day to another, and one terrain to another. Instead of memorizing some table and looking at your watch while you're walking, walk fast until you get tired and then walk slow until you're rested enough to walk fast again. I'd suggest mixing in some running too. And mix it up from one day to the next. Variety is good. - 3/10/2015 11:44:38 AM
    This seems way too complicated to keep track of out of doors. How would you keep track of the time-look at your watch all the time? You would be tripping in potholes. How about a revised program using telephone poles as an indication of when to change pace? - 3/10/2015 11:26:27 AM
  • I've added walking backwards and doing side steps. It definitely ups the burn. - 3/10/2015 6:12:34 AM
  • Way too complicated. And indeed, 'very hard' is less hard than 'extremely hard'... - 3/10/2015 5:58:50 AM
    Just remember you are repeating the four groups (other than warm up/cool down). Brisk/moderate/fast/slow... the minutes are for 1/2/1/2 . Just keep repeating these groups 4 times. - 3/10/2015 5:06:07 AM
  • Many questions about entering into the fitness tracker.
    I just take the average time it takes me to do 1 mile and choose that as my "speed"
    Then I manually enter the number of minutes at that speed into the fitness tracker.

    It's not exact, but neither is our perceived exertion level. It's good enough.
    I believe in intervals, whether walking, running or even swimming. - 2/22/2015 8:37:35 AM
  • My walking consists of mostly indoor walking. On days I walk at work, I listen to music with fast beats. - 2/19/2015 9:46:45 AM
  • Oh, it was intensity, not speed on a treadmill. My bad! Never mind my post! Sorry! - 4/24/2014 8:58:28 AM
  • Can anyone walk at speed five? I can't! I find myself having to do a jog at 4.3 only! If you can walk at speed seven, wow! More power to ya! - 4/24/2014 8:55:52 AM
    @Healthy4Him I love your idea of walking to differing beats of music. I use my ipod as a pedometer and walk with music, but have never thought of varying the tempo. Thanks so much...this will definitely make a positive difference. - 4/23/2014 12:23:17 PM
  • There are way TOO many steps/variations to remember. And there is obviously a typo or some mistake in the Intermediate list. The Cool Down 5 minutes - the exertion rate is at 6.5. 6.5 is NOT a cool down rate. - 2/13/2014 10:31:42 AM
  • I wish the format came in a printable version as I can't remember this! LoL - 1/23/2014 10:04:25 AM
  • I've been doing this kind of workout for over 30 years. Kind of anyway. I just mix different walking speeds and running. Instead of doing each thing for so many minuets I listen to my body. - 1/19/2014 9:55:45 AM

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