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''I Haven't Missed a Walk in Over a Year!''

Daily Walks at Work Helped LOGHOUSE Lose Weight


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...useful article...thanks... Report
This is wonderful, the camaraderie, the boost it health, the workplace fitness scheme how far you've come. It's fantastic and proves you don't have to change your entire life. A few sustainable differences can really impact our lives as long as we stay true to the challenge. Thanks for sharing I'm feeling sparked! Report
This was so inspiring! I really appreciate you and all your hard work! Report
that is just Fantastic! Report
Thanks for sharing, you are an inspiration! Report
I admire your dedication and tenacity Report
That is epic dedication. Here's to your good health Report
I enjoy walking when I can. I only hope that will happen daily. Good article to inspire. Report
Looking good while inspiring! Report
Great inspiration. Report
Walking is great 1st steps (pun intended) to a lifetime of fitness/health changes! Report
I did this and lost 50 pounds. Never missed my daily walk. Report
Keep it up. Walking has made a difference for my back, too. Report
Thanks for sharing! Great article! :) Report

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