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''I Haven't Missed a Walk in Over a Year!''

Daily Walks at Work Helped LOGHOUSE Lose Weight


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    Great job,keep up the good work,I love to walk also ,when body parts hurt walking is the best,you can go at your own pace,you are doing a great job for your body,mind,and all over health,why to go Rick,love these storys. !!!!!
  • Congrats! You inspire me to walk every day again like I used to years ago. I lost a lot of weight then, too. Thanks for sharing your story.
  • Congratulations. You are an inspiration. I like to walk and work out with my iPod and some upbeat music. Keeps the boredom to a minimum! :D
  • This is really cool! Congrats to him and his friend!
    And I agree. Isn't it amazing how just 'changing direction' on the same walk can make things interesting?
  • Way to go !
    Great article !
  • Way to go !
    Great article !


    Thanks for inspiring us lazy-bones !
  • Rick, thank you for this encouragement. I've been thinking about adding a walking program & I do believe you've just tilted the scale from considering to commitment. Thank you.
  • Quite inspiring!
    It reminds me souvenirs... I remember my first few 10-minute walks, it was tough, but today, I can walk over 70 minutes without feeling as bad.
    The key: Baby steps, just a little at the time and eventually, we are motivated you to increase it, to our own pace.
    The results are incredible.
  • Congratulations on your persistence and determination! Way to go. Having a buddy system is the best way to keep your motivation up.


  • Inspirational - think I'll be more consistent in my walks! Thanks for sharing your story.
  • Thank you Rick for being such a wonderful and inspirational addition to our SparkFamily!

  • Rick.
    Thank you for sharing your story. I am very impressed with your success and hope you keep up the great work! I am recovering from 2 surgeries and walking is the only activity I can do right now. Once PT gives me the green light, I will be able to add some weight lifting.
    I like your idea to walk at work and change up your route. I am also going to add in some music the days I do not have a walking partner.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Diane K
  • The doctor has told my Hubby that he needs to get 'moving' and walk, but every time he's in pain and refuses to go out again... I don't know how to keep him moving... Congrats on your weight loss and exercise goals though! ^_^

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