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  • I recently joined Planet Fitness the same time that I rejoined this page. It's supposed to be "the no judgement zone" but as soon as I walk into the place about twenty guys are in front of the gym all hot and sweaty checking every chick out as they walk into the place like a trophy collection.
    I am fifty one so this chick moved to the back of the gym and got her grove on alone , just me and my machine. I have only been doing this for a few days so I know there isn't any change yet but I feel a change inside of me if nothing else.
    It takes a lot to walk in front of people who are fit and attractive when your over weight and unhealthy. I have pushed beyond my fears and done what I set out to do and I feel nothing can stop me now!
  • Blog it and they will come. Gotta love corny movie tie-ins. Blogs can be a simple way to vent. Dont like comments? Delete them. Truth hurts and all that jazz non-sense. Sometimes the truth isn't the point of acknowledgement to someone's opening up. As usual, there are some negative reflections in these comments about how fully open communities work and sometimes dont work. Be strong and use the tools as tools. Dont get dragged down by negativity. Also, consider posting blog like entries to only supportive group forums instead if you seem to draw in the wrong crowd.
  • The blogs are like a journal for me too.
    I am trying to start my own blog, but the directions listed in this article have absolutely no connection with what I see on my screen as I follow them. Perhaps someone needs to update the directions page. Frustration is the main reason for my slipping into poor health choices, so a frustration on this website is exactly what I do not need.
  • It would be nice if this was updated to reflect all the changes in the last 9 years
  • BYFAITH2015
    can you blog to your page from the spark people app???
    I am 68 years old, and do the VON twice a week exercise program, and the Health Unit's twice a week exercise program. I am going to start taking horseback riding lessons next week...getting out of my comfort zone.
    Started writing down everything I eat again....I did this last year and 20 pounds came off and I was never hungry and not craving anything because I denied myself nothing. But it worked.
    We took a month long trip to Portugal in March and I came back not gaining any weight, but we did a lot of walking. However, since then I have put 8 pounds back on, so now getting down to brass tacks and journaling my food intake again. Will let you know how I'm doing in a couple of weeks.
    Sorry but I was disappointed to see the article yoga with Bethany Frankel. I don't feel she's a good role model...did you look into her background? She's had eating disorders, will do anything to make a buck. I love Sparkpeople, but I think you dropped the ball on this one.
  • Patricia, when I click on BLOGS, at the top of my Spark Page, there's 2 options:

    Add blog entry


    Add a video blog.

    I think you have to be on your Spark People Page and then click on BLOGS on the top banner.
  • But where do you post a video blog entry? I read the instructions but I have a feeling they're old because I see nowhere to upload video in the blog on my Sparkpage.
  • Word of advice for PC users: Write your blog entry in a word processing document and copy and paste it into your blog. I typed 30 minutes yesterday and accidentally hit a key that deleted the whole thing using the blog I had done this before on other sites but forgot about the risk.

    That said, blog on!!!
  • I was on sparks PEOPLE 2 YRS AGO ,AND LOST 41 POUNDS . YEAH! but being lax and too confident slowing regaining I have gained back 8 pounds, sob .
    but decided to get back on the band wagon and take back my life once again.
    I know the recipes surely help me and logging what I eat. planned to start yesterday and did start then I realized at noon it was Lent ( church) and we signed up to eat there the week before. what to do? what to do? I realized I already tracked my brk fst and lunch so I was pretty good ,(on calories yet) figured I would nibble ... when i got home and calculated what I ate,.... I still had 300 left for a snack so I proved to my self that tracking what I eat proves ,I can do it.
    One word of caution: There is no way to make blogs private or for friends only, and no way to turn off commenting. People will comment. They have called me a liar, told me I was doing it wrong, etc. Blog at your own risk.

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