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  • I would cut back some. The 3.5 pounds you lost is usually (politely) a system flush (detox) reaction. The added fiber or the flesh of the fruit and the vegetables are causing the gas and cramps. Two pieces of wheat bread will help ease the cramps. You might also pace yourself on the exercises and allow your body time to adjust to them. After the water weight initial loss you will lose a little slower. Most people lose about 1 to 2 pounds a week as muscle adds weight, but helps burn more fat and adds tone to your body shape.

    Pace yourself, weight loss takes time and perseverance. Warm up before exercising and don't overdo it. Injuries are easy until you learn to listen to your body (the stomach cramps), take your time. Be nice to yourself and keep going.

    Pace yourself. Set a goal and chip away at it. Share your successes with others, even those small ones.

    Mark Winkle
    Need some help or advice. I'm on my 4th day, have lost 3.5 lbs. But I am having stomach cramps and severe diarrhea today. I went from eating just 1 meal a day in the evening and no water, now I eat 3 meals a day with lots of fruit and veggies and 6-8 glasses of water. Should I back off a little or what am I doing wrong. I love Sparkpeople.
    SparksPeople are great with there advice
  • SALLY041
    Completed my first week at SP. Learned much about the calories that I consume and also made some friends. Looking forward to continuing here for a long time.
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  • PLEASE add a closed caption option for all videos on
  • I'm getting this Spark People web site slowly but surely! :)
  • CMAAS59
    Hey sparkpeople if you have #'s like 1,220-1,570 and at the end of the day it says -1,462 or 1,708.I am not sure what this means, I mean am I supposed to stay in side the 1,220-1,570 because if I am them with the 1,462 I was under and with the 1,708 I was over is that correct?
  • Just bought the Spark tracker. Can't wait to use it but it's only 18 degrees here in Palmyra, PA. Tomorrow, my sister and I are visiting the nearest gym and enroll, too cold to walk outside.
  • Elizabethm71
    Good for you. Such a great loss, keep on truckin'!
    I lost 5 pounds this week!!! It feels awesome and I feel motivated to go on. :)
    Hey sparkpeople community does anyone have any advice to lose weight.
    I'm starting 2moro! Wish me luck. :)
  • you should be seeing a PT for guides to exercise. try putting a free weight for the one hand. and putting a ankle weight on the leg.

    follow exercise videos.

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