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  • Hi everyone I am Tammy and today is my first official day with sparkpeople. I had been eating like a pig over the holidays and I was shocked to see I had gained 8 pounds MORE than I thought I was just because of mindless eating!! It felt good to take charge and get back on track - 1/2/2013 9:18:57 PM
  • hi there,ive just joined sparkpeople.i find them 2 b very informative.and actually easy 2 use.i like the food trackers it is so eady to figure out where i am at in the run of the day----in reagards 2 caloric intake.i dont have to write it all down on apiece of paper that i cant seem to keep up with anyway.i started my lifechanging experince on 01/01/ 2 day is the second day of my life chancing experince[ I DARE NOT SAY THE D---WORD[DIET]] HHAHAAAA.i got off to a real good start yesterday.i work at nite 11pm -7am.where i work at we have access to food [SANDWICHES,CHOCO MILK,ETC] I am usaually tthe first one in the nutri room to get something 2 eat at midnite.well i didnt do that tis i was proud of myself for not giving in.i say was because later in the evening i fell off the mine and my husband wedding anniversary was 12/31/12 and i baked us a cake,it is very moist with buttercream icing.well anyways i just had 2 have some more and that through my caloric way u want 2 know what i like about a new day"?????.its a new oppportunity 2 get it 2 day i can try again.the more i track my foood intake the more i ind out about myself.i have found out im a opportunistic eater.if it is in the house IM GONNA EAT IT.hence me eating the cake.i wont go loooking or the cake----that takes 2 much effort.but if it here AND IT STILL IS[BUT ITS HALF GONE] I WILL EAT IT.I SAW MY HUSBAND EAT A PIECE A FEW MIN AGO--I THOUGHT YES EAT IT ALLL SO,I WONT HAHAHA - 1/2/2013 8:21:13 AM
  • Very good article!!!! - 12/26/2012 10:16:48 PM
    Since I have joined I have lost 10 pounds, but the last two weigh ins, I am remaining at the same wt. The holidays are hard-too many parties with good food and emotional eating in the evening. Lost my husband two years ago and after reading the article on emotional eating realize that is what I was doing. However I am holding my wt so am pleased about that. Have tried to see where to write a blog, but as yet can not figure how to start one. Love this site-and I tell others how good it is for your health. - 12/23/2012 8:56:14 AM
  • So my journey is well on its way. I began sparkpeople in Sept after I had already lost 10 lbs. I am now 34 lbs lighter and well on my way to becoming a healthier and happier me. My goal has never been about looking better but is about feeling better. I hope to continue my journey and next sept be close or at my goal. Best wishes to everyone at this holiday season! - 12/2/2012 2:51:18 PM
    I had lost 75 pounds four years ago and felt great but i let myself slid back into the too busy to work out attitude and ive gained 40 punds back. I dont like what i see in the mirror so im going to start here and work towards my weight loss goal of loosing 40 pounds:) - 11/19/2012 10:36:08 PM
    I am so thankfull for this sample pack i came across to shed my weight. I still can't beleive how easy my weight loss has been. I just wished i had tried this product sooner but, better late then never! I was going through so much pain with all my weight, was hurting mostly my back. I jusr couldnt get my mind and body to be on the same page, but, finally they are. This product shrinks my mid section so, when i am eating i get full much faster. I even had to remind myself to eat! I eat the same foods as before but, just less of it. Very easy for me to do, simple the better to my success because for me then it feels like i am not on any diet or weight loss program. If i had alot of money, i would have gave this product away for free to everyone i know! Especially on buddyslim, you guys have been great with the support. Cannot weight to check my weight tomorrow morning!! - 11/8/2012 11:20:17 AM
  • Today is my first day. My motto is I CAN DO THIS. I am big and slow and can't keep up with my two 6 year old boys. Despite this, I continue to keep going for my boys. I want to shed this weight and run with them. I entered all my info on Sparkspeople and it says it will take me until April of next year to lose 50 pounds. This sounds amazing and daunting all at the same time. Here I go! - 10/28/2012 12:49:32 PM
  • Hi, good luck to us all. I will need help but I hope to be helpful too. I am brazilian and my english will be better soon. Kisses and thanks - 10/21/2012 5:13:15 PM
  • 1st plateau since starting the 17 day diet 1 week ago, today is a tough one craving sweets. Hopefully a trip to the gym will get me past the carb craving! - 10/15/2012 6:47:26 PM
  • When I click on "Blogs" there is no "add a new blog" button to click on. Am I looking in the wrong place? - 10/15/2012 5:31:49 AM
  • Okay i have seen a lot of people wondering how to start a blog. go to the top click on communities. Then onto spark pages. then it should bring you to your spark page. next click blog on the top, then there should be a button on the left hand side make a blog or a vlog.
    i hope this helps. :)) - 10/15/2012 1:06:28 AM
  • hello everybody ..
    please can any one help me to know how i start my blog here ??
    thanks - 10/14/2012 1:42:18 PM
    my girl friend lost the use of her left side after her stroke in april the therapy she received helped her leg, her speech,her eating and swallowing just about everything but her arm and hand...this is what i would like to talk about....i have been by her side since her stroke every therapy she got i repeated it in her hospital room and her recovery was amazing but they couldn't really do any thing for her arm( mainly due to the pain) I asked them about a sling to hold her arm shoulder joint in place(they said the pain and swelling was from pinched nerves in the shoulder)they said that she just had to work through the pain because there was no sling that really worked for the sublux answer to that bull*&^%...i watched her therapist hold her arm in place and her pain went away....i started searching for a sling ..and sadly they were right every sling i found caused more harm then good..and they wouldn't let me put any on her....well i didn't stop there when she got home she had in home care and i started making different slings while her therapist kept telling me what was wrong with each sling(made 10 kinds)finally the started liking where i was going with number 11 i finished it and her therapist loved it her pain level dropped to where she no longer takes pain meds..the recovery of her arm jumped 80% in two weeks now all of her doctors and therapist require her to wear the sling i made ..if you would like to see what i did i put together a web page describing it
    ling/ .....maybe this will help someone else out
    - 10/12/2012 9:58:03 AM
  • Talk about inspirational...Just had a gander at all the pics of people who have sucessfully lost many pounds. Oh! It was just wonderful to see. Congratulations to all of you! So I can do this. I can and will do this. Thank you for the inspirations! YEA! - 10/9/2012 2:25:26 PM

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