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  • MAGGIE648
    im struggling right now to lose the weight i somehow gained after christmas... i wont give up though ... i guess you can say im a yoyo person up and down the weight wheel... id sure like to be steady but i havent figured out how to do that yet...

    im trying to get in more exercise ive started to play basketball indoors and i love doing that....
  • thank u for this website,from Trinidad ( 3rd fattest nation) and we are a small island in the caribbean,fast food chains are killing us,but we all can make better choices an help each other ,thank u for giving me an option
    Almost everything is written about lose weight. For my part, I need to earn a few kilos.
  • I find most articles very interesting and informative, and extremely motivational. "Knowledge is power !"
    I am a type 1 diabetic and I want to lose about 20 lbs. I have beeb trying trying to lose weight and get healthier for about 2 months now. I joined a gym which i go the min of 4 times a week. I take spinning, zumba and strengh training class. I have cut back on calories and geting no where. I have only lost about 5 lbs. and thats it. I feel better I enjoy going to the gym and working out. I need help maybe what I'm eating isn't working for me. HELP. I don't know what to do. Shelly
  • I started today using the food tracker. I was out and about all day eating on the run. I was shocked to see just how many calories I ate. I think using the food tracker and help from Spark People I will get back on track and lose the weight I want to lose. To all just starting do not leave out foods you eat on the food tracker. Be honest with your self and it will help you in the long run. If you are like me you eat and do not even think about it. I wish everyone good luck. If you don'ty succeed try, try try again. Do not give up!
  • I think , Spark people is a very good way to keep track and keep focused on your goals and it can be fun too and very informational with all the articles available to you .
  • What a terrific article for new comers to have available!
  • Tracking every bite and having it calculated for me is a wonderful tool.. I've kept to under 1400 calories each day-Yippee!!!
    That is great.
  • Would love to learn how to blog here as well as other places. I now just need the motivation to get back to exercising again it has been a while and now with time off it is a matter of forcing myself back to the gym.
    today was my 1st day of tracking, I did pretty well. I had fun tracking, and it opened my eyes to How Much I Eat everyday. I am a manager in an elementary cafeteria. Of course I do have to taste my cooking, but I will track it. I can't wait to see how much I eat. Maybe I can wait LOL
  • Getting back in the swing of things. Started drinking green smoothies. DELISH!!!! Going to work my way up to 1 green smoothie a day. BTW-the fruit you add to your green smoothie covers the taste of the veggies. And they will fill you up.
    Like to walk and just starting to jog but it really cold out now so I think I'll do my walking dvds inside for now until I get back to the gym next week. My goal is to drop a total of 100 lbs AND to run a couple of 5k races. When the temp permits, I will do my 4 mile outside walk. Got to keep moving.
  • Hi everyone I am Tammy and today is my first official day with sparkpeople. I had been eating like a pig over the holidays and I was shocked to see I had gained 8 pounds MORE than I thought I was just because of mindless eating!! It felt good to take charge and get back on track
  • hi there,ive just joined sparkpeople.i find them 2 b very informative.and actually easy 2 use.i like the food trackers it is so eady to figure out where i am at in the run of the day----in reagards 2 caloric intake.i dont have to write it all down on apiece of paper that i cant seem to keep up with anyway.i started my lifechanging experince on 01/01/ 2 day is the second day of my life chancing experince[ I DARE NOT SAY THE D---WORD[DIET]] HHAHAAAA.i got off to a real good start yesterday.i work at nite 11pm -7am.where i work at we have access to food [SANDWICHES,CHOCO MILK,ETC] I am usaually tthe first one in the nutri room to get something 2 eat at midnite.well i didnt do that tis i was proud of myself for not giving in.i say was because later in the evening i fell off the mine and my husband wedding anniversary was 12/31/12 and i baked us a cake,it is very moist with buttercream icing.well anyways i just had 2 have some more and that through my caloric way u want 2 know what i like about a new day"?????.its a new oppportunity 2 get it 2 day i can try again.the more i track my foood intake the more i ind out about myself.i have found out im a opportunistic eater.if it is in the house IM GONNA EAT IT.hence me eating the cake.i wont go loooking or the cake----that takes 2 much effort.but if it here AND IT STILL IS[BUT ITS HALF GONE] I WILL EAT IT.I SAW MY HUSBAND EAT A PIECE A FEW MIN AGO--I THOUGHT YES EAT IT ALLL SO,I WONT HAHAHA

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