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Light Baking Done Right

14 Clever Ideas for Healthier Baked Goods


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    you can also use shredded zucchni to replace eggs butter and oil.remember how moist zucchni- bread is.
  • Interesting article. Just wish there was a way to print the complete article to save for further review.
    Sorry to be a contrarian, but I'd rather have a smaller helping of the real thing. Further, I wonder what the research says about low fat sweets....while you save calories, all of these recipes substitute carbs for fats which leads to a higher glycemic index which in my case inspires me to overeat more than something that has a some fat and makes me feel satisfied.

    I do recommend pumpkin cookies which are basically a lower fat variation of chocolate cookies, but generally what works for me is eating whole foods sensibly prepared and leaving a couple extra calories for a splurge.
  • i would disagree that you cant substitute all of the eggs or oil - my favorite easy treats to make for family & friends just involve boxed cake mix, and subbing in something in place of all the oil and eggs called for. chocolate cake mix + 2 cups pumpkin puree is incredible, and tastes SO rich. its dense, but i dont necessarily see how thats a bad thing. or vanilla cake mix with a cup of diet orange soda - bam, orange cupcakes. i add in a little orange extract, too - theyre sticky, but delicious.
  • I like the idea of using mini chocolate chips and making smaller cookies, but I don't think I'd make the other substitutions just to save calories. I'd rather use the butter and eggs and limit myself to a couple smaller, richer, full-blown cookies. I can completely understand doing otherwise, but I'd probably just eat a dozen of them to compensate!
  • Glad the article came 'round again. I'd saved it some time ago, but never baked. Baking has been on my mind lately and this will be a great reference.
  • Thanks for the article.
  • I was so hoping to get the recipe from the picture! haha. I"ll look it up. Great information though.
  • I use a few of these tricks but there are others I haven't heard of and some like tofu I wouldn't use on a bet. but have printed out the blog.
  • Thank you! this is very usefull.
    I usually replace all of the oil with applesauce.
  • I don't eat a lot of baked goods but during the holidays I like to bake shortbread cookies and sugar cookies. I am not sure how to make substitutions for those. Maybe some time when I am not crunched for time I can experiment.
  • i love being a mad scientist and experimenting with making my baked goods healthier! I've used everything from carrot puree (it's actually very sweet) to avocados in substitution for oil. I also like to use whey powder and/or greek yogurt to boost the protein content. Coconut flour, whole wheat flour and almond meal are staples in my pantry!
    I will be printing these tips and posting them on my refrigerator for reference to try some new ideas. Thanks SP!
  • Some of these ideas look interesting, and I think I will use them the next time I bake. I just wish people understood that fat and calories themselves aren't the enemy--overeating is.
  • Good information! I've used applesauce as a substitute before but I've replaced all the oil with applesauce. I'll try this next time :)

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