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The Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

Boost Your Health and Your Bottom Line


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  • Can't wait for spring to get here so I can start my seeds!
  • One huge advantage of even trying to grow your own food (at least I hope so):

    it might stomp down that horrible, dreadful habit of squeezing fresh fruit/veggies in the shop and then all but throwing it back into the food stall.

    Sounds like a minor detail?

    That produce will be bruised an hour later, so of course no one will buy it. So it gets thrown away, which is a waste of resources and pushes up the price (the vendors have to make up for all the food they can't sell).

    I don't think anyone who learned up close and personal how much work goes into produce would do that again. Or at least I hope so. In my experience: I'm a lot less likely to throw away strawberries from my own window box because of one little spot.

    Quick tip for gardeners:
    One big pot (or even bucket) filled with earth, one potato into it. Add water & sun (and maybe a little loam or fertilizer). Once the plant has grown and wilted, turn the pot over onto a tarp. Collect a 1000 to 2000% dividend on your investment. (Depends on how large the pot was.)
  • I'm so over growing things, the last few years if the bugs do not ruin my garden the weird changes in the weather do a lot of hard work with very little reward, I will go to farmer markets and let them do all the hard work.
  • I have recently began my own personal garden at home with garlic and onion bulbs. For the first time I realize that not only are they much more economical, but they are also so much stronger.
    Thank You for the great information contained in this article. I appreciate it because I am a gardener and have my own gardening business. We share all of our secrets to running a gardening business
    Thank You for the great information contained in this article. I appreciate it because I am a gardener and have my own gardening business.
    My wife and I started a bit of urban gardening on our back porch. Some peppers, a mixture of greens, green onions, ginger and a bush of rosemary. Forgive the pun, but cheap as dirt to start doing it, by we were honestly surprised how just this little bit has helped us eat more vegetables and as we've expanded, helped our grocery bill!
    With the constant rise in food costs, growing your own fruit and vegetables is a good way to keep your money in your pockets. My friend started to grown her own vegetables in her garden and she keeps telling me how much money she has saved! I think by growing your own healthy produce, where and when you can, will also encourage yourself to eat healthily and take advantage of the produce made in your very own backyard.
    My wife was concerned about the quality and rising costs of food and decided to create a book for our extended family to help them grow and preserve veggies as well as to utilize heirloom seeds to create a sustainable pantry. The result was that so many people asked for it that she created a book. Check it out @ its different.
    Growing your own food comes with lots of benefits. First, you get to improve the health of your family. You can also visit about Grow your own food
    Growing your own food is an great way to expand your cooking and inspire new recipes. If you want to learn how to start an edible garden, UrbanFig has step by step instructions and a library of how to articles to get you started
  • I would love to grow my own food but I am incredibly inept at it. I literally killed a Chia Pet, that's how far my black thumb extends. I'll let the green thumb folks grow my food. I am hoping to expand my relationship with my local Farmer's Market though. Now those folks know how to grow stuff!
  • I received my Sparkpoints for reading this article in 2010 - when are new articles in this series coming? :)
  • My square foot garden brings me much joy, in all those ways!
  • We've been growing our own veggies ever since I've been married. 20+ years. I always plant a salad and a salsa with other veggies we like to eat.

    My daughter didn't even know that they came any other way. Her first grade teacher called me to tell me that my daughter was lying because she said that she didn't know veggies could come from a can. I had to correct the teacher and explain that she really didn't know this because we only eat fresh and mostly out of our garden. Then the teacher informed me that she needed to know this because when she moves out how is she going to eat? I said like we do now. With her own garden! The teacher forced me to take her shopping with me the next time and show her the cans of veggies and allow her to try some. lol We bought a can of peas. Then we went and picked our peas. Heated the can one and put ours out fresh. She took a mouth full of the canned peas and they came out as fast as they went in! She looked at me in horror and said "that's not what peas taste like what are they!" lol Then she happily ate our fresh ones from our garden. See you can't even fool a first grader!

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