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Bust Your Bad Mood with Exercise

Use Fitness, Not Food, to Change Your State of Mind



7/28/2014 1:29:21 PM

I just did this today. I was feeling bored and stressed; plus, just generally blah. It's a cloudy day. I finally convinced myself to do my scheduled workout. Now I feel so much better.


6/3/2014 8:26:15 PM

Wish there was a way to save this to my page lol


5/24/2014 9:26:18 AM

New mood to consider: Perplexed. I have a really hard time making decisions and tend to eat while I'm procrastinating and thinking over the options. I bet simply taking an outdoor walk and mindfully noticing things along the way would go a long way to helping me out. And by the time I got home, I'd probably have an answer!


4/30/2014 8:37:57 PM

NEWBIRTH2014's SparkPage
I love this article it address the various moods I've been going thru lately especially getting in a huge funk due to rainy weather in my state.


4/30/2014 11:19:53 AM

MM11113's SparkPage
This is a great idea, I like the idea of having a chart or what to do when!


10/31/2013 11:54:12 PM

SKYLER_RAE's SparkPage
Awesome ideas. There is no longer any reason to use being in a funk as an excuse to self sabotage hard work and progress by stuffing your face or being a couch potato. You don't have to run a marathon, what I have learned is that any exercise is still exercise. If I only walk around the block because I am tired or I am too busy or squeeze in a ten minute cardio routine, that's OK. We won't be super motivated every single day. Just do what you can.


10/31/2013 2:21:00 PM

This article is great advice. Walking outside feels so good I try to do it everyday. At least 3 times a week I walk at apace to make to me a little breathless ( about 25 mile minutes) The rest of the time I walk with my husband or friends at a pace that we can carry on a conversation. Walking is great whether I'm try to improve my emotions or my heart thru aerobics.


10/31/2013 11:20:21 AM

Perfect timing to read this today!


10/22/2013 1:56:43 PM

I really love this article. It covers all the bases!! I've found that no matter what mood I'm in, kickboxing & zumba will help get me out of the funk. It's hard to be upset/sad/angry when you're dancing or moving around.


10/6/2013 10:39:16 PM

I use the kickboxing it makes me feel like I did something I shouldn't have but it burns the stress off that way I can say at least it wasn't on them or to them in person just in my head I guess is safer than blowing up on someone else that's why the kick boxing is my favorite who Evers making me angry that my target for the day if I'm not angry or frustrated or upset its walking the boring walking I get to board with it


9/24/2013 9:59:22 PM

DERVAPPY13's SparkPage
This article was really helpful. I'm going to try different things to try and counteract specific moods and see how that works for me...I'm excited!


6/23/2013 9:18:13 AM

DELLMEL's SparkPage
Great article. Thanks


3/4/2013 3:48:05 PM

I agree with WARDJOREE walking outside gives me a lift and helps the stress. I'm in Florida so that is possible most days here.


1/5/2013 10:58:47 AM

LAURANCE's SparkPage
Kickboxing. Kickboxing. Not everyone likes kickboxing. Some of our Jazzercise routines have kickboxing moves, and I cringe and feel crummy. It brings back unwelcome memories of domestic violence, and a very bad period in my life.

Yes, I know. Some women feel "empowered" by kicking and punching. I don't. I just feel sick. To do kickboxing in response to feeling bad would only have me feeling worse.

No thanks. No punching fists for me, please. No kicking feet.


9/2/2012 1:08:22 AM

NAOLEE's SparkPage
Great article. Thank you.

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