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Bust Your Bad Mood with Exercise

Use Fitness, Not Food, to Change Your State of Mind


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  • I have become a little bit guilty of going to the gym in order to avoid doing the things that I ought to be doing, which for the last couple of weeks has been wrestling a document's formatting. I figure that time on the treadmill or at a class is better than the time at my desk feeling ineffective and sad. Plus I love the showers at my gym - the water is so much hotter than at home, and a hot shower also tends to improve my mood a lot. Now to crush that document formatting...
  • I am definitely a witness that exercise cures bad moods. It is what I go to when I feel stressed and it gives me a sense of accomplishment when I finish a good workout.
  • Good article, very informative!
    Thank you for this.
  • Trying not to be upset that I'm too tired to workout BUT I'm burnin insane amounts of calories....
  • Be active any way you can, every day that you can.
  • I have always noticed that exercise helps my moods -- easy way to help.
    I think these are great suggestions, and perhaps can be helpful.

    I will testify, however, that exercise isn't THE answer to chronic stressors. Those really need to be addressed at an emotional level - spiritual, too, if that doesn't set your hairs on end.

    Combining healthy eating and exercise with good emotional support and recovery, however, is a powerful mix. It's not by any means a cure, but it certainly helps way more than isolating, being lethargic and eating unhealthy.
  • I'm lonely a lot. Group classes aren't enjoyable, because I worry that people are making fun of me. I have a gym membership but have no desire to exercise in public. Actually, I have no desire to exercise at all.
  • This is an extremely smart and useful article. I plan to use it every day. Good work.
  • A lot of times I need a DVD or workout with an instructor with a good sense of humor. Also, for me the music is essential - and I love variety in that regard.
  • I love the way this article breaks down the kind of activities that could address whatever your dealing with.
    Good stuff! Thank you!
  • Love this - all great ideas. I found myself so angry yesterday morning that I just didn't know what to do. Breaking something has never been a good option. So I put on my tennis shoes, got Daisy ready and out we went for the fastest walk around the block (it's a very large block) that we've ever taken. But, I felt so much better when we got home!
  • Good advice to remember. I had some stress issues this week and should have just walked it out.

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