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Bust Your Bad Mood with Exercise

Use Fitness, Not Food, to Change Your State of Mind


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I'd rather dance. Report
Thanks for the article Report
Thank you. Good ideas. Report
That is my experience!!!! Thank you my friends!!!!! Report
That is my experience!!!! Thank you my friend!!!!! Report
So true. Wonderful thoughts of how to deal with these emotions. Report
great Report
Yes exercise "fixes" any mood slump I may have. Report
I have never, repeat never, had my mood improved by exercise. I thought about putting "never" in all-caps, just for further emphasis. Report
thanks. Report
...great article...tried it out after having my buttons severely does work bkz you get in a 'zone'... Report
Great advice Report
Interesting solutions. Report
thanks for sharing... Report
I hiked today. It takes my mind out of my problems and love to be out of doors.

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