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How to Stop Sugar Cravings

Pull Your Sweet Tooth with These Tips


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  • It is so hard. I also live with someone who is a terrible sweets addict - Ben & Jerry's is his favorite. Ugh! Frustrating but I know I can do it. Thanks for the suggestion of a $1 for every day I am able to resist. I am sick of my clothes not fitting and the ugly muffin top.
  • I was sugar free for 10 years many years ago. Lately prunes or popcorn are doing it for me.
  • These are some good suggestions-- some i knew before but sure did need the reminder.

    Pepermint Tea for me!
  • Interesting that dried fruit is on the substitute for sugary snacks list. I thought it was one of the high sugar offenders.
  • Well, I never, ever thought it would happen, but after weeks and weeks of brute will power, plus staying strong only when I'm out food shopping and not buying sweets, biscuits etc, the craving has diminished drastically! I still have a yogurt at lunch time, which I know has a ton of sugar in it, and I still have some sort of desert at dinner time, and after those, the craving raises its ugly head a while, but now it seems to know it's not going to get fed and subsides quickly. Another thing that's helped,, (although it's not really healthy!) is playing computer games in the evening, when the craving usually gets to its worst. Having my hands, eyes and mind occupied means that I get to bed time and realise I haven't nibbled anything!
    So, Im going to go out on a limb and guess that the consumption of cookies and donuts is not the approriate way to stop the sugar cravings. I guess I have been living in some kind of fantasy world. Off to read the articile I go...
    If I do have a sugar craving, I have to sometimes just give into it.
  • One month ago I gave up artificial sweeteners (diet soda, sugar-free coffee syrups... really sugar-free anything) and I also started watching my sodium and stopped salting my food, period. I couldn't say which one is responsible, but my sweet cravings went away almost immediately. In one month, to the date today, I have gone from being a 350lb woman with a serious, serious sugar problem to a 327lb woman with cautious optimism and the ability to, for the first time in her adult life (I'm 31), say "nope I'm actual not in the mood". Literally even thinking about desserts doesn't do anything for me. The smell of sweets doesn't make my mouth water. I even made myself stare at that picture of a piece of dense cake, and I could see myself pushing it away. It has NEVER been this easy. It's gotta be cutting out one or both of those two from my diet!
  • Wow, refined sugar is everywhere! It really takes an effort to "hunt" down the "good" nutritious foods anymore.
  • It's not all in your mind! Your cravings can't be stopped by just deciding.
    Work with your body chemistry.
    If you make sure your blood sugar levels stay even (eat properly at regular intervals), you will no longer be tortured by a real need for sugar or wage an irrational war on it.
    This happens within a few weeks -- it takes strategy, not willpower!
    I've had good success over the last few weeks by "aversion therapy." When I think of something sweet I would like to eat, I imagine something awful happening to my eyes, which are affected by eating sugar, and by diabetes. After a few days I wasn't thinking so much about sweets, and my eyes feel much better.
    A strange thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I cut WAY back on my salt intake. I noticed within one week that my sugar cravings went away! Fruit tasted so sweet, and everything else started tasting incredible. It's like that salt was masking the flavor of everything I put in my mouth. I never would've thought I would lose my sweet tooth by cutting back on salt, but I did! An added advantage was the extra 8.5 lb. weight loss! If you are struggling in this area, please try getting rid of the salt for one week, and let me know if you are still craving sweets.
    One way is to have yogurt with some frozen berries. But I find that if I have a sugar craving, I need to have something with sugar in it.
    I knew I was having a problem with craving bad carbs and sugar, so I went on a highly restrictive diet and it went away within a few days. After 3 months and now 19 lbs. lighter, I allow myself a small amount of a treat every day or every other day. The dark chocolate bars are scored into squares. I cut that up and place in a plastic bag. Each square is 50 calories, so I remove 1-2 squares and then put the bag away. I had one piece this morning and one in the evening. I feel satisfied now with just a small amount. I really savor that one piece when I'm eating it. I walk for anywhere from 1/2 to 1 hour a day, so on a maintenance plan I can afford 50-100 extra calories a day and don't feel deprived.
  • I have to agree with PAMLEARNED! Pink doughnuts is not the most appropriate picture to put up with this article...I found it shocking. I do crave sugar sometimes and today was no exception. But while reading this article I was happily munching on my afternoon snack of lean ham, low fat cheese and a few health crackers. THANK GOODNESS!

    I do find having a protein/carb/fat snack when in the cravings hit really helps and is good for me. Apples and no sugar nut butter has been a God-send. I get sweet and a crunch with a mood-lifting and comforting taste that helps quell the cravings. Green tea with half a packet of stevia sweetened lemonade adds a litte variety to plain water or to round out this snack....unsweetened almond milk. This is a stick-with-ya treat sure to hold you over until your next meal. Saying "Good-bye" to my all-time faves....homemade chocolate chip cookies.

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