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How to Stop Sugar Cravings

Pull Your Sweet Tooth with These Tips


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  • Yeah, I've read Dufty's Sugar Blues. What an eye opener. Sugar is a drug (as are grains - hey, I'm biased and consider myself a canary in the cultural coal mine).

    I try to refrain. The more I refrain, the more I don't miss it. I have dark chocolate as a treat about monthly, and it's a-okay fine. I've got enough problems without this one, too.
  • I don't often have cravings for sweets, but every once in awhile I am still hungry at the end of a meal and take a sweet to fill me up. I know I could have a slice of brown bread with a bit of peanut butter, but... sladld
  • Very informative and helpful article. I can go "cold turkey" and cut out sweets, but really do like something sweet, especially after lunch. Sometimes I just have an International Mocha drink. sugar free, caffeine free and fat free. Other times a couple squares of dark chocolate satisfy.
    But just this week I read article about how to satisfy your sweet tooth on The Daily Spark and mixed up a whole jar of walnuts, raisins and Ghiardelli dark chocolate chips and dole them out in measure of 1/8 cup. Occasionally splurge and have 1/4 cup.
    Moderation in all things.
    I like the $$ idea and also clearing out the dollar bills and change. I always make sure I have change for the vending machine for my afternoon Dr Pepper -- my sugar fix of choice.
    A lot of the time, the craving for sugar is set off by a deficiency in vitamin b, which is found is most vegetables. Try eating more greens and I can guarantee that after a few days of no sugar and more veggies the cravings will be almost non-existent!
  • Oh man, I love the dollar a day idea! Finding a substitute just doesn't work for me, because even after 3oz of fat-free yogurt or an especially sweet fruit, I still want a hunk of chocolate or a rich cookie. Straight-up resistance has been the most effective method so far, but I needed something else. All I need now is to figure out how I'm going to spend the money I set aside other than taking it to the Indian buffet!
  • LOL at Jerseygirl.

    The Cadbury egg was my nemesis, too.

    Luckily (and sadly) they aren't vegan so I haven't had one in the 7 years I've been vegan.
    I STILL miss them, though! I have a recipe to make a vegan version (and you can even use brown rice syrup instead of corn syrup plus low sugar, dark chocolate) but I'm too lazy to make them. So, it's a sort of a lose-win. I miss out on the deliciousness but I don't have a pile of homemade eggs staring at me with their sugary goodness. ;)
  • If I can go 2 weeks without sweets, I lose the cravings. Of course the hard part is getting started. I don't know why I ever let myself fall back off the wagon!
  • This makes sene. I am good at distracting myself and have some knitted objects and have listened to several podcasts. But, I would have loved more alternatives. One that works for me is gum or breath strips. Sometimes brushing my teeth and using a strong mouth wash helps too.

    Thanks for the article.
  • OK, I'm hopeless. You are absolutely right; the only thing to do is JUST SAY NO. I know this. However, it's Cadbury egg season. I keep kidding myself that if I just limit myself to one a week, it's no big deal. But that Cadbury egg does set up a craving for another version of itself. I know there are people who are capable of cutting one in half and saving the other piece for another time, but unfortunately I am not one of them.
    As unpopular as it is... my feelings are that the only way to get rid of sweet cravings is to stop eating sweets! Once the sugar leaves your system, you don't get that craving for a "fix"... it's very much like any other addictive substance in that regard. And the longer you go without, the more unappealling it is when you do have it. Your taste buds adjust back to normal after not being attacked by sugary substances all day every day.

    Yes, it's hard in our society where there is sugar everywhere and in everything and people want you to eat it too!!

    And I agree... it's hard enough being pummeled with ads for sweet treats and junk food on the tv, on the radio, in every magazine and newspaper, in our workplaces... we should at least be able to forget about it while we're on Spark learning about healthy habits!
  • Some good points made in this article.

    For myself, *cold turkey* is the only way to go. A little taste of something that I love sweet wise, and I'm in trouble. Best thing for me is to keep it out of my house and out of my mouth.

    I've stayed *clean* from sugar for three months now ... and lost 18.5# in the process.

    Last night, beings it was Valentine's Day, I split a pint of Ben & Jerry's with a friend who brought it over. While it tasted good, it didn't taste that good, and I found myself not feeling like I had been missing anything. That was nice!

    What wasn't nice ... is that I've found myself feeling hungry all day today with that sugar overload still in my system.

    And come on Spark People ... cut us some slack here ... :-)

    We clean the sugar and junk out of our cupboards and menus ... then sign into the website and see picture of a stack of cookies in an article promo that stays on every page of the website we open in the side bar.

    Now I ask you ... is that any way to treat us Sparkers trying to resolve our sugar problems?

    Give us a break!

    I currently eat/crave sugar, but now I know what I'll give up for Lent. SUGAR! I stopped drinking all pop a month ago, so I've survived that withdraw for the time being, but Sugar is my new goal. As someone who always craves something sweet after a meal, this could prove difficult, but knowing it's truly a sacrifice, I know I'm on the right track, especially because it will cause me to work harder at avoiding foods that have hidden sugar. This may be the next step in building a beautiful body! Thank you!
    dat makes sense thx
  • This is how I have learned to get myself out of a period of sugar addiction with the least difficulty. For a few days I don't worry too much about calories and allow myself to have chips to munch when I get sugar cravings. Fruit also helps. After a couple of days I can return to counting calories, but I need to stay completely away from sugars of any kind for a few weeks . Later I can occassionally have a treat, but only once a week at most. If I eat sugars more than that I risk my sugar addiction flaring up. Did you see the article that tells about a study was done showing that the same things happen in the brain of someone addicted to sugar as in the brain of someone addicted to illegal drugs!! Sugar addiction is real. Those of us who have it always knew that. It's good to have it finally recognized as a fact.

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