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How to Stop Sugar Cravings

Pull Your Sweet Tooth with These Tips


  • I love sugar- it is my one great vice. I start when I wake up and seem to have some one way or another every few hours. This is the one diet/exercise thing that I can't quite imagine changing. I've tried several times. Even when I was thin and in shape, I still ate lots of M&M's. I would love to have a group or ongoing support with others who are as attached to sugar but want to kick the habit. Or at least cut way back:) - 1/19/2009 11:57:29 AM
    Sometimes, if I eat some cheese, drink a glass of milk, or eat a sugar free item, that will satisfy my cravings for sugared sweets. Drinking hot chicken or beef broth works well too. - 12/26/2008 2:50:57 PM
  • RASHAD3000
    Has anyone ever read the book "Sugar Blues"???

    I am a HARDCORE junk/sweet food addict. My goal for 2009 and beyond is to dump the refined sugar. - 12/16/2008 8:50:23 PM
  • KY_35TOGO
    i have found, the more fruit i eat the less i crave candy,cake,cookie etc. etc. - 12/13/2008 7:44:21 PM
  • I sometimes crave sugar so bad I feel like a heroin addict in withdrawals. LOL....especially in past "diet" attempts when I've deprived myself entirely of sugar (i.e. atkins, yech). I have found that frozen mango- My local wal-mart sells it in the frozen fruit section, really helps curb the craving most of the time. Lot of natural sugar in it, and the fact it's frozen makes it take longer to eat 3-4 pieces of it, so you're not eating a whole lot. - 11/10/2008 3:38:32 AM
    I love, love, love sugar! Because of all my years of eating to much sugar and family history........I now have Diabetes. Now I have no choice of how I eat sugar. Do something now while you still can choose it. Best to you all. - 8/18/2008 7:09:52 PM
  • I'll try!! Right now nothing satisfies my sugar cravings but sugar - BAD!! - 8/8/2008 4:49:52 PM
  • I have found that frozen grapes help tame the sugar craving. The green grapes are the best , but the others work quite well too. They seem to get sweeter when frozen. I have reached the point that I prefer frozen to fresh and so do my grandchildren when they visit. - 8/8/2008 12:23:45 PM
  • sounds strange - but I brush my teeth when I have a craving. The taste of something else with toothpaste is usually long enough for the craving to go away. - 7/30/2008 9:56:54 PM
  • MBR101
    "sugar" may not be considered "evil" but I call it "white death"... as stated on my sugar canister... lol - 7/19/2008 5:39:40 PM
  • MBR101
    I've been able to curb my sugar cravings w/little protein such as raw nuts (usually almonds). I think the craving often (not always due to habits) shows that our body is lacking s/thing... A friend of mine use to wake up e/night @ 2 a.m. for sugary treats but after learning about the almonds, she started eating 5-6 almonds for her mid-night rise & soon enough she was able to sleep through the night w/out any craving... I've also noticed that eating little protein few hours before bedtime help me sleep better & not wake up lethargic. Hope this helps s/one... - 7/19/2008 5:36:42 PM
    I'm not so sure that its fare to say "sugar" is "evil", I think moderation, self-control, is key, as it is in most things. For example, (altho I do not consume alcohol of any kind) there are studies that suggest a little wine has some benefits for the heart, the approx alcohol in a single beer has been suggested to be beneficial to flush out the kidneys, this however does not mean drink 5 glasses of wine a day for a healthy heart, nor does it mean drink 3 beers a day, one for each meal & you'll have the best kidney health of anyone.

    I have that sweet tooth but I THINK about my choices before making them, I dont eat half a cake in a sitting, 5 KK doughnuts or 10 cookies. One to two small home baked cookies after a meal, maybe 1-2 times in a day maybe 2-3 days in a given week, I've not seen evidence that this is detrimental to my health. Sometimes I eat a diff sweet on a given day, I find myself wanting more sweets but I control the urge to grab 'em up, I simply have a piece of fruit or drink water, or simply say "no". Thanks be to God, I have no signs or medical condition/diagnosis associated w\ Diabetes. Infact all of my test results are very positive.

    In times passed, I've baked pies, cakes, cookies for which I've consumed all of it myself, not all at once, just over time in small amounts. No one can really say, "this will or wont happen to me tomorrow or in 5, 10 yrs", I am Thankful however that my health overall is very good, I drink more water, try to make that time to exercise & monitor my food intake. So far, my efforts have awarded me a total loss of 60+/- lbs, I still have somore to go, I can now jog, sprint run, I have more muscle than I've ever had, it makes a real difference. I know cutting BACK on sugars, as well as everything else considered "not so good" (especially for losing weight) (remember moderation), keeping the body moving, drinking more water, all contribute to a healthier body, w\ out having to totally yank out that sweet tooth, in my personal opinion and experience, Thanks for allowing me to share it! - 7/19/2008 8:42:16 AM
  • I am so glad that I read this article. There are a lot of good points and I am going to try to follow a few. I have a VERY BAD SWEET TOOTH. I would rather eat candy than food any day. - 6/27/2008 3:47:13 AM
    I agree with the article however, as a bakery chef I try and find healthier recipes so people can indulge in smaller portions. - 6/3/2008 11:47:08 AM

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