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How to Stop Sugar Cravings

Pull Your Sweet Tooth with These Tips


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  • I find that sugar substitutes don't stop that sugar craving---- If you stay away from sweets for a few days, the cravings go--
  • One thing people often forget is that eating fake sugar doesn't help with the sugar cravings - it just makes you want more sugar (real or fake). I just ate two jolly ranchers so I can't talk, especially since I have a beautiful orange sitting in front of me, but the key is to eat naturally occurring sugars!
    Thank you Holly for three little words. "If you are"

    As a single on Spark I am some times frustrated by how many articles assume that everyone reading is in a family or couple. Those three little words in your article made me feel included in the discussion. Acknowledge that there is a sector of Spark members who do not share the family or couple world.

  • Brushing your teeth or having a piece of cinnamon gum instead when I am having a sweet craving seems to work for me. After that, the idea of eating something sweet just doesn't jive with those flavors. The hard part is to remember to use the trick instead of giving into the sweet craving. Sometimes the urge is so strong that you can't think of anything else! lol.
  • I MISS MY GOODIES!!!!!! BUT...If it's NOT in the house,it's NOT a temptation...So I just don't buy it...INSTEAD, I purchase sugar free hard candy,tho I don't really like hard candies,I bought one bag that was coffee flavored,and one butterscotch and I find they have really helped me through the sugar crave!!! Also sugar free jello's get me by....60 calories I can live with((and alot of different flavors to choose from )).....I want the goodies I'm used to...,but I know what I NEED TO DO FOR ME...I'm the only master of what I eat,so I need to set things up so I don't fail.....Hope this helps someone....
  • I need to start weaning myself of sweets - they are the one thing keeping me from being successful as I don't generally eat/crave salty snacks. I am like an addict and I become obsessed w/ having something sweet if I go all day w/o it; I've even made 10pm outings to get my hands on something sweet in the past.
  • I have discovered that ripe mangos are very helpful to me to kick my chocolate craving. Chocolate is OK and I eat a little fat-free chocolate pudding almost daily, but I could certainly eat more! Sweet fruit is a great substitiute for me.

    I also agree that waiting it out a few minutes to let the craving go really does go away in a short period of time. It goes away even faster if I do something else such as unclutter a small area. Not only does that stop my craving, but it accomplishes one of my spend 10 minutes per week uncluttering something.
  • My husband doesn't help me with the sugar cravings at all. He bought 2 Reese's cup and announces, "I bought you something dear." I just want to ring his neck. Then he smiles and eats them himself. Grrrrrr!!!
  • Dried prunes are working for me - satisfy craving and help digestive tract.
  • Good article. One tip that really works for me (and I get HUGE sugar cravings) is to make it a rule that before I decide to have any refined sugar/baked good, first I have to drink a tall glass of water, and eat an apple. Only then, if I still want it, can I have the item. But its funny how often the apple and water kill the need for the baked good!
  • These are all helpful tips. I haven't had much sugar since I started Spark and I notice that I certainly want it less, especially if it's not around. While I don't want to cut it out 100% (where would be the fun in that?), it's nice not to be craving it all the time. Maybe the South Beach people are on to something at least where sugar addiction is concerned!
  • Yeah, I've read Dufty's Sugar Blues. What an eye opener. Sugar is a drug (as are grains - hey, I'm biased and consider myself a canary in the cultural coal mine).

    I try to refrain. The more I refrain, the more I don't miss it. I have dark chocolate as a treat about monthly, and it's a-okay fine. I've got enough problems without this one, too.
  • I don't often have cravings for sweets, but every once in awhile I am still hungry at the end of a meal and take a sweet to fill me up. I know I could have a slice of brown bread with a bit of peanut butter, but... sladld
  • Very informative and helpful article. I can go "cold turkey" and cut out sweets, but really do like something sweet, especially after lunch. Sometimes I just have an International Mocha drink. sugar free, caffeine free and fat free. Other times a couple squares of dark chocolate satisfy.
    But just this week I read article about how to satisfy your sweet tooth on The Daily Spark and mixed up a whole jar of walnuts, raisins and Ghiardelli dark chocolate chips and dole them out in measure of 1/8 cup. Occasionally splurge and have 1/4 cup.
    Moderation in all things.
    I like the $$ idea and also clearing out the dollar bills and change. I always make sure I have change for the vending machine for my afternoon Dr Pepper -- my sugar fix of choice.

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