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4 Easy Ways to Assess Your Well-Being

Wellness Measures You Can Track on SparkPeople


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I am only getting 5 to 6 hours sleep a night. I thought I was having a hard time learning in college because of my age, but now I see it may be due to my sleep. I need to get more sleep. It is hard because my husband works 80 hours a week and his schedule is so whacked that it throws off my sleep as well. Report
My stress level is way down today because I have just left church. I don't stress over my problems, I give them to the Lord. I also sleep well every night. Report
good info Report
thanks Report
This was a great article, very helpful Report
i worry too much Report
Good article, thanks for the tips. Report
Great article, I need more sleep. Report
Sleeping allows your body a chance to catch up. Report
Great article! Report
Sleep is a tool to help us heal and restore. Report
Helpful article!! Report
I am just beginning my journey to get healthy. I am so disappointed with how I have let myself go and put everyone ahead of me
Well now it is my time
Great tips! Report

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