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  • These are good guidelines. I track my glucose and ketones (not mentioned here) several times a day because I am eating the Keto lifestyle with my doctor's permission. I will be showing her my results in 2 months to see how I am doing. My glucose levels are much more even now - no spiking. And I've lost about 10 pounds. Everyone needs to find what works for them. I want to start tracking my blood pressure and resting heart rate.
  • Excellent need-to-know information!
  • Very useful information!!
  • Great information.
  • Great Article, Thanks!
  • I'm 68 and I have asthma and a-fib. My resting heart rate today is 120. No, I'm not out of shape; I've had a cold for 4 days and I'm wheezing now. When I got older I had more and greater challenges against staying healthy. I also had a greater repertoire of health ideas.
  • I get my BP and glucose checked regularly and both are always great, with my BP always trending on the quite low side. I was quite happy to read about resting heart rate....isn't it best to test that upon waking, before getting out of bed....and taking an average of several days? I need to do that.
  • All my life I had great bp. It run normal low [ 106 to116 over like 70] when it started staying around 140, my dr put me on meds.I am hoping by losing weight I can get off this med ,but I also know when you have diabetes they like you to take it as a prevention of kidney problems. My dr. done this years ago when my pressure was great, I work at a cleaning company and my readings was like 90/50 I could not bend without almost passing out and she told me to keep taking it, this was the one time I didn't do what she said. I didn't want to end up on the floor with injuries.
  • I hope you all get/feel better soon. Since I have been doing this faithfully, I have been feeling great ( as long as I don't forget to take my medicine). As I have an AutoImmune disease called Sneddon's Syndrome. It's very rare; it messes with your blood, nerves, bones and whatever else it wants to hurt you with. It's attacked all those and left me with being disabled.

    This healthy, fun, and exciting site has given me hope, joy and feeling great!
    My prayers are with you all.
  • I think every adult should test their blood sugar at some point, especially if you are over thirty. Test it fasting and then one and two hours after you finish eating a meal. You would be surprised how many people have blood sugar problems but haven't gotten fat, so they think their health is normal. That's a good way to wind up diabetic and not even know it was coming.
  • I, too, have Hashimotos, and would like some information about this, and about living with it. Thank you for a wonderful site, for advice and help. You are all doing a GREAT job!!
    I think it would be more useful to be able to track BP at least twice a day and to enter the time. That's what my doctor wants to see.
    I am postmenopausal for 5 years, taking BHRT, and thyroid meds. I have Hashimoto's but when last checked the antibodies are lowering slowly. Please add and address hypothyroid/Hashimoto's to the chronic conditions/dis-ease. I release extra weight very slowly with a vigorous exercise plan and calorie restriction.
  • I am in menopause and have METABOLIC SYNDROME/pre-diabetes, so this article is very helpful. 57 million Americans have this Syndrome, which is also called Insulin Resistance or Syndrome X. I learned a great deal about it from ARTHUR AGATSTON, M.D.'s book "The South Beach Heart Health Program" which was well worth reading.

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