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6 Diet Rules Meant to be Broken

Out with the Old, in with the New


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    absolutely great
  • Love it! Especially the ones about eating at night. I constantly have people telling me not to eat at night. I prefer a larger dinner and a snack before bed but always stay in my calorie range and have successfully lost weight (and kept it off!) while eating about half my calories past 5pm and a decent percentage after 8pm.
    So much to learn I will have to continue going over it.
  • Interesting article but the comments were more interesting.
  • KSHAFFER3064
    I was lactose intolerant until I started drinking raw milk. I do intermittent fasting, eating during an 8 hour window 11 am to 7 pm. I try to stay under 100 GM carbs and around 1500 calories. good fats, very little bread and pasta, grass fed meat ,free range eggs from my own chickens and organic whole foods as much as possible. I've lost 13 lbs in 2 months without "dieting".
  • Oh, yeah, moderation really works for us. Eating that one bite of chocolate will never lead me to eat the whole giant bar..... Why not just tell all of us lazy slobs to "just eat less and move more"? That works, right?
  • Not one size fits all. You sound like one diet platform fits all people. Sorry it does not. We are unique people with individual situations and conditions and we need to find what works for us and these issues, through trial and error.
    I wish we could find these articles here. Move forward into the new science and as well away from thinking in a box. Accepting even the extremes that are working for people with special conditions. Yes this is a place to start for anyone that knows nothing about healthy eating, but I believe most people when they come here, come here for help because they are in trouble weight and health wise. Don't get me wrong THIS PLACE IS VALUABLE and wonderful, but we s well need to look beyond just one plan. I thank you that you allow us here to do that and share freely as well.
    As well I would pay for a private form with no ads, it really is a pain to work around the zapping and tracking of our every move. Just to have the flow and lack of frustrations. $5.00 a month and not have to deal with all of the ads and would make a fortune...or maybe you already do from the ads and tracking our every move?
  • These "new rules" are too general. Specifically the" Low carb is bad" idea. When i eat any high carb foods, even unprocessed ones, I get heavy fatigue because my body doesn't process them right.
    Maybe it would be wiser to encourage people to eat for their health, rather than your idea of what's good for them.
  • Why, on the G+ post of this article, are we getting a human interest story picture with a list of diet rules!?

    Mistakes like this are committed all the time by the SparkPeople poster on that platform, and it makes me ashamed to reshare articles with my friends because of it, as it makes it seem that SparkPeople is an unprofessional "throw it on the wall and see what sticks" organization. Could the Social Media liaison for SparkPeople *please* start quality reviewing the content for us before posting it.?
  • JULIA_211
    For me, as a struggling binge eater, the evening cut-off time has nothing to do with fear of gaining or indigestion, it's more a personal reminder to stop eating mindlessly before bedtime, plus I like the feeling of an empty stomach in the mornings.
  • This article is one of the reasons I need SparkPeople the most. I knew these myths many years ago and truly believed in living a balanced life (in all things). I also believed that if I listened to my body - it would tell me what it needed - then I started to listen to the myths. Just thinking about the "don't eat after 7PM". I was lactose intolerent as a child and when I stayed at Grandma's she always would have a bedtime snack, small piece of fruit or celery with peanut butter - great nights sleep were guaranteed. At home it was ice cream - I was always up roaming the house alone as a child. I have problems sleeping most of my adult life and have tried for numerous years to follow the rules like don't eat after 7pm. Recently I have been having a snack about hour before going to sleep. And guess what I have had a solid night's sleep everynight for 10 days -but 1.

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