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How to Turn Your Walk into a Run

A Walker's Guide to Running


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    At age 65 I have no interest in running. For me, walking is were it is at. I walk 2 mile seven days a week. My champion is my 10 month black lab. We both need the exercise-for me as weight maintenance and for him to keep him controllable at home.

    I take my walks seriously and make every walk count by trying to increase my time. When I started last November I was 47 lbs heavier and was lucky to get maintain 3 mph for two miles. Now I am at 3.9 mph with a goal to reach 4 mph. It is hard to maintain any fast speed when walking a dog. You can't swing your arm to increase speed while holding on a leash. I had to learn how to walk correctly to increase my speed. Proper walking technique takes practice and skill. I read that if you walk correctly and use small hand weights, this is the equivalent to a slow run. I firmly believe that fast walking will give the same benefits as running. And I mean WALKING not strolling....I see too many walkers taking a stroll and not exercising for maximum benefit.
  • I lost 75 pounds WALKING--and I've maintained that loss for 10 years. I walk the hills around my house every day, seven days a week, and then head for my treadmill when the weather's bad. I maintain my size 4 with very little effort--and NO JOINT DAMAGE!

    So thanks, but I'll pass on being a "runner"...I think I'm doing a-o-k as is.
  • I also mix it up. I walk and then run.
  • I mix it up and walk with short intervals of running.
  • I can do short intervals of running when I take my walk but I am careful since I'm one month away from 70.
  • Due to a bad ankle and leg, I don't run but try to get as much walking in as I can. I keep working, as it will tolerate, with stretching and bending.
  • I walk about 2 hours daily to raise my blood pressure,without it it is 80/50, my Dr. advises it. I also have a blood clot near my heart & can not do hard exercise. I have lost 40 pounds. Running can be hard on your joints & heart,you can always try walking faster if you are capable. I am not as it would lower my blood pressure.
  • Great article............Thank You.
    As a long time runner who has run on both roads, (marathons) and trails, (ultra marathons) I would suggest that if you intend to run trails more than road, it is best to invest in a pair of TRAIL shoes. They have a sturdier toe box which will protect your toes from tree roots, and rocks.
    Further...if you run both road, and trail it is a good idea to do foot exercises to strengthen your feet since trail materials shift underfoot, and your foot muscles will work to stabilize your feet.
  • I'm disappointed that SparkPeople is pushing running once again--the BEST exercise you'll ever find is WALKING! A high-speed interval-training WALK has been shown to provide a myriad of physical benefits, and increase longevity overall. According to my orthopedic surgeon, running will only lead to a lifetime of joint problems, back problems, and other degeneration issues from constant pounding. Don't fall into that trap of thinking you have to be a runner to "exercise" don't! I've been a WALKER for 15 years & stayed thin & healthy & fabulous--and my joints thank me for it!
    I walked my way to running suffered and injury now I'm starting all over and its soo hard. Be careful....
  • I totally respect the people who are pursuing running. However, my "older" flat feet have affected my arches, ankles, and knees and this is not a good option for me.
    Hi ETHELMERZ, You know the internet is not FREE. The reason you are here is to find out the real deal. You obviously know the difference between real and fake weight loss claims. Spark People has to find some way to pay the bills. of course we wish they would do it in another fashion, but lets face it, who is advertising fresh fruits and vegetables except the local farmer's market.

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