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''100 Pounds Lost, 10 Lessons Learned''

How I Did It, in My Own Words


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    Thanks for an inspiring article! :)
    A friend insisted I eat a piece of birthday cake. When I refused it made her mad. I am trying to be strict on sugar. I have developed prediabetes and am determined to control it with diet. Sugar is so addictive. I need to obstain...
  • stubborn! I am naturally stubborn, i never thought to use it for the power of good. My new super power!
    I love #4! That has been my strategy since I started. I've never felt deprived because of I have remaining calories 2 consume I always go 2 the back drawer. I started at 200 lb. And in just 6 months I'm now at 153.8 lb. So indulgence can't be so bad. I'm losing even faster than I intended to.
    Well, thanks for putting this in! Lots of food for thought (yes, pun intended!) and makes me realise that we all have to start somewhere.... The only person I'm in competition with, is myself, but that's OK x
  • Thanks for sharing your story. I love #7 about being stubborn and refusing to fail. I tell this to myself all the time when I have less than stellar days. There is ALWAYS tomorrow to start anew.
  • Awesome weight loss story. Very motivating, I hope you have kept the weight off, maintenance is hard too.
  • Wow1 Very inspiring story.
  • LIVEFREE1163
  • That last line hit me right where I live. Beautifully motivating story!
  • So honest & helpful!! You're a great writer and an inspiration
  • Great story! What an amazing job you done. Keep up the good work.
    My problem is not sweets. I love bread, and I eat it but I count the calories. But it's not an easy journey for any of us.
  • Great accomplishments! These are excellent tips. I allow myself to have one Sander's Salted chocolate caramel a day as long as it fits into my calories and goals. Because I allow it, I rarely ever eat one. At the very most, it is twice a week, but usually none to one. I am vegetarian, and I limit my salt intake and allow only a bit of raw sugar or honey occasionally.

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