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8 Lessons from My First 5K Race

The Most Fun You'll Have Running


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  • Thanks for sharing.
  • I've never done a 5k. I've always wanted to. I don't think we've ever had one around our area
  • I did my first (& only so far) 5k about 6.5 years (& ?~50-70 lbs lighter). Was in Dec, there were some slippery/icy points, but I had been training for it, but not so much outside (don't love cold). My time was slow, but I didn't walk, though I did slow to a crawl, bunches of times because of the ice-I just did NOT want to fall! Today I saw that in mid Aug there's a 5k that is right in my hood, plus they have a training for it every Monday night, starting in a few days. Feeling like I will do several more afterwards this fall. But right now have to take a break walking 30 min., so we shall see. I'm 54 now.
  • I've always wanted to be in a 5k, not for the racing, but to say I've done it. I just can never afford the entry fee....feeding my family is way more important.
  • Why I've never done a 5k - I will end up coming in last.
  • Thank you Coach Nicole for this motivation. I am running/walking my first 5K next month. I haven't been training but walk everyday. This will ready help me accomplish crossing the finish line along with my IPod (LOL)
    I enjoyed this article for several reasons: 1) It's good to know that even certified sports professionals still have goals that are close to the same level as mine (and I'm nowhere near the fitness level as Coach Nicole!); 2) I've done several 5K's - some more walking than jogging and this article confirmed some of my strategies to get through them; 3) Now I want to train for a 5K again! Thanks Coach!!!
  • I'm so excited to run my first race in September! These are some really good tips.
  • I used to be a runner. I ran everywhere. I entered long distance races and tried to improve my times. Now that I am older, I can no longer run. I walk in the house and around our 5 acre farm. When I cannot walk due to knee pain, I march in place in the house. Great article. i would love to be able to enter a 5K even to walk it. Thanks Coach Nicole.
  • I've walked two 5K Susan Komen Race for the Cure. If I could walk that much, I might try another one. But back problems prevent it. As far as running, I don't jog and I don't do windows.
    I am doing the Selfie 5K on 11-14-2015 in Burnsville, Mn. This will be my first 5K and I am 52 years old.
  • CRISS1054
    I am doing my first K in September. walking but doing. Thanks for the info and encouragement.

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