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''I Can Finally Call Myself a Runner''

My First Mile Wasn't as Bad as I Expected


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  • Not running yet but I want to.
  • I love to run, it clears my mind
  • Being an actual person who DOES run marathons I talk to people all the time whom will have nothing to do with running. The stress relief & calm it gives me is amazing! It’s only hard if you make it, just give it a try :)
  • My dog likes to “make” me run periodically during our walks.
  • I sometimes include a little running during my walk.
  • Great article thanks for the information
  • I jog a liittle on thr treadmill once and a while when I'm on the tread
  • I would love to run again. Both of my knees are so bad that I can only walk short distances before I have to sit. Great job!
  • I would love to run again but I don't think that I can now. I love it and I loved your message.
  • i'm in awe of the gal who WALKED a half-marathon in 3 hours! i RUN mine and they still take me 3 hours and 15 minutes!
    but i don't understand people who say they 'cant' run. i'm old and fat, and i run. i run very, very slowly. i've run a marathon and several half marathons. haven't lost a pound yet, because slow running builds endurance, it doesn't burn much in the way of fat.
    but it's better than nothing. and despite being old and fat, i can myself a runner AND a marathoner.
    i think some of y'all just try to run too fast. if you start to gasp, slow down! walk when you need to. when you get your breath back, start running again. slowly. you can boost your cardio by pushing it in short bursts if you want to.
    (i'd rather be slim and NOT a marathoner, but i haven't yet figured out the eating side of the equation. so being fat and fit is better than nothing.)
  • Quoting myself from earlier on this article... "Decidedly not my story! If you sense some jealousy here, you would be right. I have walked two half marathons in just over 3 hours and recently decided the only way to do a sub half marathon for me was to add in some running. Oh, my gosh! Running is so freaking hard. So far I am up to 3 minutes 15 seconds running with 2 minutes walking and I have been working on this since my last half marathon, December 1st. Doubt I will ever be able to run a complete 5K. Yes, I have exercise enduced asthma and do take my inhaler before I run, but it is still so dang hard. Keep considering giving up, or at least wanting to whine about how hard it is. - 5/25/2014 4:35:24 PM"

    Interesting to read my previous comment. It is just over a year later, and I can run for 19 minutes not stop, or about 2 miles. But my longer distances, I run for 8.5 minutes and walk 3. I think I am just now beginning to believe that someday I may be able to run a 5k.
  • Great article. I used to be a runner. I loved running more than anything. I now have super bad knees and a total knee too. I was told not to jog, run or jump if I wanted my knee to last. That just stinks. But I love reading other's stories of how they got started and you are definitely on your way!

    Good Luck in your 5K. :D


    Good story, still don't want to run though, waste of time and energy, too many other things to do in life. Maybe if I lived in a rural area and alone though.

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